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Ask the Student - Bachelor Industrial Engineering.

Stelle deine Fragen unserer Studienbotschafterin Maryam

Hi, I’m Maryam, 22 years old and a bachelor’s student of Industrial Engineering in my fourth semester.

Do you have any questions about student life and the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering programme? I would be happy to share my experience with you and give you an insight into life as a DIT student. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Why did I choose this study program?

For an industrial engineering student a balance of engineering and management subjects is a must in their program. The program offered at DIT was what lured me in to get my bachelor’s at ECRI.

My personal tip to you:

A personal tip would be that before arriving make sure to look for an accommodation and double check your contract before signing it. An academic tip would be to don’t simply follow the societal pressure of getting job and instead try to look for a balance. Don’t forget that your aim is education and anything other than that is a simple distraction. Lastly, invest many of hours in improving your German as that is extremely crucial.

Good to know:

There are lots of students on the campus and you can reach out to us if you require help. The peer support at ECRI is one that is truly remarkable and could save you at times of need.

That's what I particularly like about my course of studies:

Although at first I came for the program itself, over time the key factor that has grasp my interest is the student-professor relationship that was offered at ECRI which is quite frankly a very strong one.

That is why you should study at DIT:

Once you arrive here, you will get to realize that the bond and the interactions between the students and the professor which is only offered at DIT is one that would make you even more interested in your field. Be it a bachelors’ student or a masters’ student, having support from your professors and being able to maintain an open relationship with them is something that every student aspires to gain from their university. Fortunately, this is offered here at DIT.

That's why you should study this course of studies:

If you want to become a well-rounded student with knowledge in the areas of engineering, management, law, energy and programming, then studying industrial engineering is the right course for you. Though there are a few other universities in Germany that offer this in English, the only university that extends its course to provide a well-balanced with practical skills and theoretical knowledge is the course at DIT.

My best experience during my studies:

The best experience so far was the second semester whereby even though corona started at that period, it helped create a stronger relationship with the professors and we were assigned many group activities which was very fun as well as intellectual.

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