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The Deggendorf Institute of Technology offers you the new degree programme "Data Centre Management - Smart Infrastructure Operation" beginning in the winter semester 2022/2023. In this computer science degree programme, you will learn how modern data centres are planned and operated. Data centres play an important role in people's private and professional everyday lives. They are the backbone of digitalisation. Without them, there would be no cloud systems, social media networks, 5G, Internet of Things or Industry 4.0. The number of data centres worldwide is constantly growing, experts in this field are in demand and the degree programme at DIT will train you for this. The important core topics of computer science, electrical engineering and air conditioning technology are covered, as well as the subject-specific concepts, methods and tools for planning and operating data centres.

fact sheet data-center management

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Duration: 7 semesters (3.5 years)

Start: October (winter semester)

Location: Deggendorf

Taught in: German (see language requirements)

Admission requirements: General university entrance qualification

Prerequisites: Sufficient knowledge in basic science subjects (especially mathematics and physics) is necessary

Further education degrees:

Fees: No tuition fees, only €62 student service fee per semester


career prospects

As a computer scientist, you have the chance to help shape the digital world. As a specialist for data centres, even more so. What happens in just one minute on the internet today generates vast amounts of data. These data converge in data centres all over the world, whose operation must be ensured around the clock without failures. This calls for experts with interdisciplinary know-how. The tasks you can take on later in your career are diverse. The latest trends are, for example, hyberscale data centres and cloud data centres. At the same time, the requirements for the operation of data centres have changed massively. The high energy consumption, for example, is a topic that engineers deal with.

Computer scientists with special knowledge in the construction and operation of data centres are sought by data centre operators, providers of cloud services, social media networks and operators of Internet of Things systems. And you can even choose the working environment: corresponding graduates can work in development, sales and also in consulting. Career opportunities are not only available in business and utility companies, but also in public sector administrations or in freelance work. Attention is paid to a wide-ranging, qualified education that will enable you to be active in many different fields of work later on. As part of the programme, we also introduce you to the topic of setting up a business. This way, your own company can develop from your idea. After completing your studies, you hold the key to helping shape the digital world.

subject overview

Overview of lectures and coursesSWS (Semesterwochenstunden = weekly hours/semester) and ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) in the Bachelor's degree Data-Center Management - Smart Infrastructure Operation.


1. Semester SWS ECTS
Mathematics I 4 5
Programming I 4 5
Basics of Informatics 4 5
Physics 4 5
Infrastructure and Energy Systems (IKT) 4 5
Key Qualifications I 4 5
2. Semester SWS ECTS
Mathematics II 4 5
Programming II 4 5
Electrical Engineering / Electronics 4 5
Thermo Dynamics 4 5
Operating Systems 4 5
Key Qualifications II 4 5
3. Semester SWS ECTS
Data Bases 4 5
Networks I 4 5
Project and Risk Management 4 5
Measurement and Control Technology 4 5
Basics of Information Security 4 5
Key Qualifications III 4 5
4. Semester SWS ECTS
Software Engineering 4 5
Compulsory Elective Module Project 4 5
Building Technology 4 5
Networks II 4 5
Data Centre Operation 4 5
Key Qualifications IV 4 5
5. Semester SWS ECTS
Internship   24
Praxiseminar 2 3
Practical Extension Seminar 2 3
6. Semester SWS ECTS
Public Procurement Law / Investment Accounting / Environmental law 4 5
Energy Efficiency of Data Centres 4 5
Electrical Networks 4 5
Emergency Power Systems 4 5
Compulsory Elective Module I 4 5
Key Qualifications V 4 5
7. Semester SWS ECTS
Auditing of IT Systems 4 5
Compulsory Elective Module II 4 5
Compulsory Elective Module III 4 5
Bachelor Thesis(BA) - 12
Bachelor Seminar 2 3