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Ask the Student - Master Artificial Intelligence for smart sensors and actuators in Cham.

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Hi, I am Shresth Sharma and I am a master's student of Artificial Intelligence for Smart Sensors and Actuators in Cham in my 2nd semester.

Do you have any questions about student life and the degree programme Artificial Intelligence for Smart Sensors and Actuators?

I would be happy to share my experience with you and give you an insight into life as a DIT student. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Why did I choose this study program?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field of study that looks at how to develop computer programs that can reason about data, make decisions, and interact with people. Students who enrols in the MS in AI program learn how to create cutting-edge AI systems by combining their coding, algorithmic design, and creative thinking skills. Studying AI and Machine Learning brings up a world of potential to develop cutting-edge solutions in a variety of industries, such as computer security, image recognition, pharmaceutical, or face recognition, since every organization seeks to implement artificial intelligence in their industry.

My personal tip to you:

  • Strong knowledge of Mathematics.
  • Good command over programming languages.
  • Good Analytical Skills.
  • Ability to understand complex algorithms.
  • Basic knowledge of Statistics and modeling

Good to know:

  • Programming languages (Python, R, Java are the most necessary)
  • Linear algebra and statistics.
  • Signal processing techniques.

That's what I particularly like about my course of studies:

The artificial intelligence programme at DIT is well-known for providing programming tools for comprehending the industrial perspective. The DIT course has an intermediate level of difficulty and focuses on computer science with a variety of topics and hands-on experience.

That is why you should study at DIT:

The best thing about DIT is the positive atmosphere and affordable living. The campus is stunning, the people are supportive, and the atmosphere is amazing. Due to the quarter system, the pace may be brisk, but the classes and the school itself offer a stimulating challenge that keeps the students engaged and motivated.

My best experience during my studies:

Working with my professor to tackle the problems that I encounter and managing my approach to spontaneous work. Learning is an ongoing process, that I am take positively.

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