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Health Campus Bad Kötzting

Health Prevention and Promotion

The tasks of the Gesundheitscampus Bad Kötzting in research and teaching are:

  • The conceptual design, implementation and evaluation of municipal health management in the prevention region of Bad Kötzting
  • The development of cross-border relations with foreign universities in the field of health sciences, especially the University of Pilsen
  • The further development of the project Skill Centre Bad Kötzting for training and further trianing of nursing staff in the border region Bavaria / Czech Republic
  • Acquisition, application and implementation of funding and research projects in the field of health (prevention, care)


About the Health Campus Bad Kötzting

The Gesundheitscampus Bad Kötzting of the Technical University Deggendorf deals with application-oriented health science research and teaching.

It was officially opened on 22 October 2012 by the Bavarian Minister of State for Science, Research and the Arts, Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch.

With the help of private donors, the university has set up the following institutions on the health campus to fulfil its tasks:

  •     Institute for Cross Border Health Care Management
    Management: Prof. Dr. Horst Kunhardt
  •     Endowed Chair for Health Promotion and Prevention
    Prof. Dr. Erich Wühr
  •     Endowed Chair of Telemedicine and Medical Media Management


Competence Centre Bad Kötzting


Culturally Sensitive Cooperation in Healthcare Professions

The project "Competence Centre" in Bad Kötzting for the training and further education of nursing staff and health professions in the Bavarian-Czech border region, which is carried out by the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, aims both at strengthening the border region around Bad Kötzting. For this purpose, a competence centre was established, which is located in the premises provided by the district of Cham in the former district vocational school Cham in Bad Kötzting. The project is funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Home Affairs for a period from 22 March 2016 to 31 December 2020. 7



The overall management is the responsibility of

Prof. Dr. biol. hum. Horst Kunhardt                                                                    Prof. Dr. rer. cur. Michael Boßle, MScN

Leadership                                                                                                                  Faculty of Applied Healthcare Sciences
Vice President for Health Sciences and Head of ECRI                                  Professor for Nursing Pedagogy
Leader Institute for Cross-Border Healthcare Management


Project management

Birgit Rathwallner, BSc, MSc, MA                                                                       Mareike Hechinger, MScN

Faculty of Applied Healthcare Sciences                                                            Faculty of Applied Healthcare Sciences


Members of Staff:

Martina Iglhaut-Krieger, B.A.                                                                              Tanja Jänicke-Stöger, B.A.                         

Nursing teacher                                                                                                         Nursing Teacher, Research Assistant 


André Soboczenski                                                                                                

Student Assistant                                                                                                      

Previous Courses


The courses offered by the Competence Centre are aimed at healthcare personnel from Germany and abroad who have been trained for one or more years, focusing on the promotion of specialist expertise and German language skills in the context of the recognition of foreign nursing qualifications, support in competing the three-year nursing training course in Germany and the provision of skills for encountering different cultures in the healthcare system. 


Accompanying course for nursing professionals with foreign vocational qualifications to help them prepare for the successful completion of recognition measures.

The accompanying course offers expert knowledge, language support and practical training. It accompanies the participants in their independent preparation for the successful completion of recognition measures. Furthermore, nursing professionals who have already received their professional recognition and are interested in seminars in intercultural exchange are also very welcome. Thanks to the funding, there are currently no course fees. In order to benefit as much as possible, we recommend German language skills on B2 level (which is also relevant in the professional recognition process) or B1 level.

What we do

Together we work on realistic care situations, the necessary expertise and go through the phases of the care process. Both the needs of the course participants and the experiences of the seminar instructors influence the selection and order of the topics, which are deepened theoretically and practically.

The course contains:

  •     Lectures, group work and texts on current nursing knowledge, national regulations and laws.
  •     Accompanied practical exercises to deepen skills
  •     Reflections on professional self-image and cultural issues
  •     Above all, language support for nursing care subjects
  •     Two personal learning counselling sessions
  •     Seminar accompaniment in adaptation courses and support for targeted preparation for aptitude and knowledge tests according to the specifications of the respective district government.

Additional offers
Support in arranging internships and finding suitable language courses with a target level of German B2.

The project "Competence Centre Bad Kötzting" is currently in the evaluation & research phase. Therefore, no "accompanying course on the way to recognition" is offered anymore.


The basic course "cultural companions in healthcare professions" offers leaders, practical instructors and other multiplicators in nursing who dare to take an international look at nursing concepts and professional identities a profound short training course on culture-sensitive nursing and teamwork

The content and methods worked on can be transferred and expanded to other cultural dimensions later on, either on their own initiative and/or in constructive seminars - for example, with regard to generations, graduates from nursing training and studies (in a quality-oriented Skill & Grade Mix), questions of corporate culture or understanding of nursing.

The course covers 6 seminar days in approximately 3 months. They are connected by practical exercises. The seminars take place at the Centre for Further Academic Education. More information can be found here.


You have successfully completed a nursing assistant training course at home or abroad? Would you like to shorten your nursing training by 1 year? Then we can offer you a training group, seminars and support in shortening your nursing training. Thanks to the support of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance, State Development and Home Affairs, the course is currently free of charge.

Lively learning in small groups
In a total of 18 days we go through the contents of the 1st training year together. You will receive seminars in which you will succinctly grasp the essentials of a subject area, practice and at the same time be able to establish connections to your practical experience. Together with our competent learning counselling, you can already cope with the shortening of your training in the 2nd year of training and thus have free capacity for exam preparation in the 3rd year.

The project "Competence Centre Bad Kötzting" is currently in the evaluation & research phase. Therefore, no "accompanying course in shortening nursing training" is offered anymore.


In addition to the courses offered at the Healthcare Campus Bad Kötzting, a regional network with actors in the healthcare system was formed as part of the project. Current developments in the project are discussed and information exchanged in network conferences.

Below you can find extracts from the networking activities:

On 17 March 2017 the 1st network conference took place at the competence centre Bad Kötzting. Invited were central actors of the nursing sector from the districts Cham and Regen. The conference was held in the prevention centre "Sinocur", which is located in the same city. The conference gave an insight into the background and current developments of the accompanying courses for (pediatric) nurses with foreign professional qualifications who (would like to) work in the regional facilities as well as the enclosed course on culturally sensitive care with regard to the residents/patients & culturally sensitive cooperation in international teams. A further component was the presentation of the project goals and discussion of current issues and challenges in this regard to strengthen nursing care in the region.

A second networking meeting was held on 4 May 2018 with regional actors in the nursing sector. The conference was held at the "Sinocur" in Bad Kötzting. Here the participants had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in project development. Afterwards, Mr Bernhard Kratz, M.A. Head of Nursing Services at the Neumarkt clinics, gave a lecture on the topic "Skill- and Grademix in Nursing. Framework conditions and starting points for practical implementation". Afterwards, the participants exchanged views on the topic "mix of skills, roles and responsibilities in nursing".

In the new premises, in the basement of the former district vocational school Cham, the 3rd Network Conference at the competence centre Bad Kötzting took place on 10 July 2019. As at the previous networking centre is in the last year of the project, the participants looked back on exciting experiences and encounters. Furthermore, the guests were given first insights into the evaluation results and the future development of the project.

Among the main topics: Reflection on the course contents, establishment of an expert board for future project monitoring and reports from the respective institutions, the fourth network conference was held on 27 February 2020. Thus, the leading and executive positions in nursing care gathered in the new seminar rooms of the competence centre. Interactively, new perspectives for further development were worked out. Naturally, the respective experiences and opinions were taken into account. 

Measures of the 1-Year Project Expansion


The competence centre Bad Kötzting is in the 2nd project phase. Three data collections are currently being carried out for this purpose.

Current Surveys

Survey of Digital Competence of Nurses in the Project Region


Dear Sir or Madam, 

for the Competence Centre Bad Kötzting - funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and for Home Affairs from 22 march 2016 to 31 December 2020 - The Deggendorf Institute of Technology is conducting an online survey. The survey is aimed at nursing professionals and trainees in the project region (Lower Bavaria, Upper Franconia and Upper Palatinate). The aim of the survey is to obtain information on digital skills in everyday care. The survey takes about 10 minutes.

With best regards,
The project team Bad Kötzting

The survey is now closed. Thanks for your participation.



Survey of Demand and Supply at the Competence Centre


Dear Sir or Madam,

for the Competence Centre Bad Kötzting - funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and for Home Affairs from 22 March 2016 to 31 December 2020 -  the Deggendorf Institute of Technology is conducting an online survey. The survey is aimed at nursing directorates, nursing services and home managers in the project region (Lower Bavaria, Upper Franconia and Upper Palatinate). The aim of the survey is to obtain information on existing as well as future educational offers of the competence centre in Bad Kötzting.

With kind regards,
The project team Bad Kötzting

The survey is closed. Thank you very much for participating.


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