Have you got a good business idea? Are you aiming to become a self-employed graduate? Take advantage of the THD Startup Campus and turn your vision into reality. We will support you from the brainstorming to business creation.

Phases of start-up:

1. The idea
At the start of every business there is an idea and the desire for independence, which are the starting points for your future business plan.

2. The plan
Planning is a top priority. Create the basis for your company and allow us support you with consultation sessions either from the start or half way through your planning.

3. The finances
Sufficient financial backing is the critical point at which most start-ups fail, so inform yourself in good time about possible financial support.

4. The creation
After the business plans are put into place, your business can be created.

5. The development
As soon as the company has been founded, the business plan can be implemented step-by-step.
Stick to your plans and steer towards business success.