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Prof. Dr. Sabine Dittrich


Study coordinator: Master in Global Public Health Dean of Studies @ECRI



Use of diagnostic to support patient management and public health decision making (multiple projects)

core competencies

  • Pubic Health Microbiology
  • Tropical fever diagnostic (malaria, zoonoitic bacterial pathogens, typhoid, vector borne diseases)
  • Epidemiolgy of bacterial zoonotic pathogens
  • Technology development for global public health (from TPP development to access)
  • Global Health Diagnostic

Forschungs- und Lehrgebiete

Prof Dr Sabine Dittrich is a public health microbiologist passionate about diagnostic and how we can best utilize different tools and interventions to support patient management and public health decision making. Her research and teaching predominantly focuses on the development and deployment of technical solutions (from digital guidelines to improved diagnostic tools) in the global public health context to improve patient based and public health decision making. In addition, her passion are zoonotic and vector-borne diseases that cause febrile illnesses (malaria, scrub typhus, typhoid) and her work has focused on the epidemiology and diagnostic development pipeline of those. Since joining DIT in Pfarrkirchen she continues to support international organizations like the World Health Organization as part of expert groups (typhoid and meningitis diagnostic) and applied research that helps inform policy decision making. Her research group is made up of PhD and MSc students based in the UK, Switzerland and Germany all exploring optimized ways and tools to improve the utilization of diagnostic as a key tool to improve management and decision making. The goals of all her research projects are to optimize the care that care providers can deliver with a view towards reducing the threat from AMR and future pandemics.

Since joining the faculty of the DIT her goal is to continue to establish the MSc in Global Public Health to enable current and prospective students to get a balanced education as well as a network of contacts that will make them the future leaders in global public health.


Prof Dr Dittrich holds an engineering degree in Biotechnolgy (Dipl. Ing) from the University of Applied Science Weihenstephan (Germany), a PhD in Biomolecular Science from the University of Manchester (UK) and subsequently completed a fellowship with the European CDC on public health microbiology (EPIET/EUPHEM) and outbreak response, based at the Dutch National Institute of Public Health with Prof Marion Koopmans. She has been supporting the development of appropriate diagnostic tools from the local level at the Lao-Oxford-Mahosot Hospital-Wellcome Trust Research Unit oft the University of Oxford in the Lao PDR, to the global level in Geneva at FIND, the global alliance for diagnostic. She still holds a honorary affiliation research fellowship (https://www.tropicalmedicine.ox.ac.uk/team/sabine-dittrich) with the University of Oxford (Nuffield Deperatment of Medicine) and supports research and teaching at the University of Oxford (UK).