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How to find us

Deggendorf Campus

Main Campus

Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1
94469 Deggendorf

Tel: +49 991 3615-0
Fax: +49 991 3615-297


Postbox address:

Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Postfach 1320
94453 Deggendorf


Faculty Building in the Land-Au:

Faculty of Applied Healthcare Science
Land-Au 27
94469 Deggendorf



By bus:

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours from MUC
  • Cost: approx. 15 € from MUC
  • Buses from the company Flixbus offer a direct connection between Munich airport (Terminal 2 - Terminalstraße Ost) and Deggendorf railway station
  • Berlinlinienbus Bus Company travels between Deggendorf and a range of other airports, such as Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Munich airport
  • Please check the availablilty online and reserve your bus ride in advance to make sure that the desired connection won't be fully booked


By train:

How to travel from Munich airport to Deggendorf railway station by bus and train (approx. 2 hours):

  1. Exit the airport and wait for the arrival of bus #635 to Freising, it arrives approximately every 20 minutes. You must purchase a ticket from the driver.
  2. Once you have boarded the correct bus, remain on it until Freising train station (this is the last stop for bus #635). The train station in Freising is located very close to the bus stop, approximately 30 metres. At the train station (or at a Deutsche Bahn-DB ticket machine at the airport) purchase a Bayern Ticket! The ticket is convenient and costs 23€ for one person. The Bayernticket can be used for up to 5 people. For every additional guest the price increases by €4. (For 5 persons the price is € 40,-)
  3. In the train station look at the display panels for current train information such as departure times and platforms. You must take the train to Passau, this train usually departs from platform 4. If you are not sure just ask, also in English.
  4. At this point you should be in the wagon to Passau. Your stop is Plattling (approx. 1 hour from Freising). At Plattling, you must change the train, a green one (Bayrische Waldbahn) usually departs from platform 5 or 8. This train takes you directly to Deggendorf (only 2 stops, roughly 10 minutes).

Especially if your flight arrives very soon or very late it is recommended to check the connection / travel schedule at


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European Campus Rottal-Inn

European Campus Rottal-Inn

Max-Breiherr-Straße 32

84347 Pfarrkirchen