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27 November 2020 | Discontinuation of presence teaching as of 1 December 2020.

2 November 2020 | Mensa/Canteen only open for take away food. To-go regulation (from 2 November 2020) applies with immediate effect.

15 October 2020  |  New corona regulations apply as of now.



The Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) has been working for several years to ensure that great business ideas from students do not simply disappear into a drawer. Students who would like to set up their own business can rely on the university’s Startup Campus team and a network that has grown considerably in the meantime. The university’s central information event is the Start-up Day. This year, it took place on 18 November as a virtual event.

In several lectures more than 180 participants got to know the contact people of the university, the Hans Lindner Foundation, the Digitalisation Start-up Centre Lower Bavaria and the Digital Start-up Centre Rottal-Inn Freyung Grafenau. All of them offer their support and competence on the way to independence. Time for exchange and networking among students was also planned for the Founders’ Day. Five start-ups presented their ideas and some of them were still looking for fellow entrepreneurs. At the end of the event there was still knowledge about brand management and the opportunity to ask questions in small groups.

Students who would like advice or would like to contact other start-ups can always contact the Startup Campus team. Prof Dr Thomas Geiß, Alfons Weinzierls and Alexander Böckl are available for initial contact via e-mail at


On Tuesday evening, 17 November 2020 at 7 pm, eleven international alumni and 16 international students of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) met on the videoconferencing platform Zoom on the initiative of the DIT Alumni department to launch the new International Mentoring Programme. The aim of this new format is to provide international students with an equally international alumnus who can offer assistance in overcoming intercultural hurdles and help pave the way to a successful career.

“Student life as such already brings with it numerous challenges that need to be mastered,” explains Ulrike Sauckel, head of the International and Alumni Affairs department. “A high degree of self-motivation and organisation, especially in Corona times, is demanding for every student. For international students, a new culture and a foreign language are added to this. As a university that spells internationalisation in capital letters, we see it as our duty to create the best possible conditions for a successful graduation, especially for our international students”. The total of 27 participants in the programme represent a perfect cross-section of all faculties, all graduating classes and all continents: “Our mentors come from Ecuador or India as well as from the Czech Republic or Holland. A total of 13 nations are represented. We are particularly pleased that mentors and mentees from the still young European Campus Rottal-Inn are also taking part. And that we were able to win mentors who have not yet become active at and for the university, but who are incredibly enthusiastic about this programme,” adds Ulrike Sauckel.

The 11 tandems, i.e. teams each consisting of one mentor and one to a maximum of three mentees, are organised solely virtual via WhatsApp. “All participants use it privately anyway, and no additional app or special hardware is needed,” explains Stefanie Lex from the DIT Alumni Team. “The purely virtual solution also ensures a larger regional area. Our mentors are spread all over Germany, travel is not necessary and this also protects the environment and the wallet”. Over the next six months, the mentees will now be able to exchange ideas with their mentors and hopefully one day they will in turn be available as mentors for DIT students. In April 2021, the international Mentoring Programme will enter the next round, and new mentors who have not yet had time this year have already confirmed their participation.


Like many other events, one is currently looking in vain for job fairs in the usual format. But for students and companies, these events are important dates for networking in the search for jobs or young professionals. The Career Service of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) wanted to make more out of the situation and was looking for ways to provide adequate digital substitutes. With the app “Talentefinder” and the “Tinder Principle” of finding matches, the university succeeded.

In the period from 26 October to 11 November, students and companies were able to network digitally, which was very easy. The first step is to create a profile via the browser-based Talentefinder app. Both students and companies do this. The most important facts are given so that the career status and opportunities can be identified. And then it’s “swipe” to browse through the profiles. If students and companies like each other, a “match” is created and they can contact each other directly via the chat function. Almost 600 students and 30 companies took part in DIT’s virtual recruiting events. Two weeks was the time period to find matches. 11 November was the big day for personal conversations via video call.

On average, the companies each found ten matches during this period and held seven to eight personal interviews. The main aim was to create a relaxed atmosphere, as Claudia Probst, Head of Career Service, reports: “After it was already clear in advance that there was a mutual interest, the talks could be approached in a very relaxed way. We received a lot of positive feedback”. The digital recruiting event should not remain a flash in the pan for this very reason. In spring 2021, students and companies can expect another event.

Michael Wolf (BA Business Information Systems): “I had more success with the event in one day than in the last few weeks. I’ve now had job interviews without having to apply in written form.”

Arnold Sudermann (MA Technology Management): “An awesome event, really uncomplicated to get directly to companies / staff. The atmosphere is relaxed and you have in mind that the company is also interested in you because a match has been arranged.”

Stefanie Ahollinger ( BA Business Administration): “I thought the event was great. It enabled me to hold interesting discussions and to organise the event again.”