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24 April 2020  |  You are obliged to wear a mask (as of 27 April) on entering the building. Further information on the mask sale on campus can be found in this article.

24 April 2020  |  Library will offer lending only from 9am – 5pm under circumstances. Further information on the library requirements can be found in this article.

08 April 2020  |  Exams in the 2020 summer semester. Further information on the exams in the 2020 summer semester can be found in this article. 

31 March 2020  |  DIT is starting immediately in all faculties with increased provision of teaching content in electronic form. Further information on teaching content can be found in this article.

17 March 2020  |  Closure of access to the buildings of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Further information on the closure of access to the buildings can be found in this article.

16 March 2020  |  Library will be closed immediately. Further information on the library closure can be found in this article.