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Canteen & Cafe

The cafeterias as well as the canteen on campus in Deggendorf and Pfarrkirchen are open again.
Please note when entering the cafeteria, the distance regulations and common hygiene instructions. You can only enter the cafeteria with a face mask.


Deggendorf Campus

The canteen (aka mensa) has this lunchtime selection:

  •     Two main courses
  •     A vegetarian dish
  •     Various supplements
  •     Starters and desserts

Payment is cashless with the dining hall card.



Mon - Fri  11am - 2.00pm


Mon - Fr 7.30am - 5pm

Cafe bar in K building:

Mon - Fri 8.30am - 2pm


Mon - Fri 9am - 3pm




Mon - Fri 11am - 1.30pm


Mon - Fri 8am- 3pm

Cafe bar in K building:





Studentenwerk office for the canteen, cafe and Studentwerk accommodation:

Office in Deggendorf: F101
Tel: +49 991 3615-601
Email: koch.e@stwno.de


European Campus Rottal-Inn

The canteen has a selection of sandwiches, snacks and drinks as well as a warm meal.

Opening hours:

Mon - Thu 8am - 3.30pm
Fri 8am - 2pm

University Sports

University sports are open to all students and staff, focusing on popular recreational sports for relaxation after a busy day of studying and research.

Competitive participants have the opportunity to compete at university championships in one of our teams or as an individual. Sporting activities are held at locations provided by external organizations and clubs.


Sports activities in the winter semester 2020/2021 in Deggendorf and Pfarrkirchen (ECRI)

Information on the winter sports programme 2020/2021

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any sports services where you can actually participate for the winter semester under the current circumstances.

However, we are currently working on a small but nice free online course programme.
The first course is finally ready for you:

  • Yoga (from 12 October 2020) on Mondays, 7 - 8 pm via Zoom.

More courses to follow!

You can find the most recent information about particating and registration here on our homepage.

Where can I find the link to join the event?
Please register under the following link with your DIT accoung, you can find the link to the live courses there: https://ilearn.th-deg.de/course/index.php?categoryid=634

Until then, we ask you for your patience and would be happy if you use our digital offers!



Winter semester 2019/2020, European Campus Rottal-Inn

DIT's athletic success



  •     German University Champions 2005, 2006 and 2016
  •     2nd in German Higher Education Championships 2008 & 2009
  •     Bavarian University Champions 2002 to 2007 (in succession) & 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016 (no competition, 2017 to 2019)
  •     3rd place at the Fachhochschulmeisterschaft 1995

Volleyball (Mixed)

  •     German University Cup Winners 2016 and 2019
  •     2nd place at the German University Cup 2017
  •     3rd place at the German University Cup 2018
  •     Bavarian University Champion and University Cup Winner 2005, 2006, 2014 to 2018
  •     Bavarian Vice-Champion of Higher Education 2009 and 2010


  •     3rd place Bavarian University Cup 2014 and 2017
  •     2nd place Bavarian University Cup 2019

Beach volleyball

  •     International Austrian Beach Championships: 1st place in 2008, 2nd place in 2009 & 2010

The German University Cup is especially for smaller universities and colleges with up to 10,000 students. It is played in the four major sports: football, basketball, handball and volleyball.


  •     German Athletics Championships 2015: 3rd place shot-put (Rene Hamberger)
  •     German Athletics Championships 2016
              - German university champion in 100 m (Julia Hofer)
              - German university champion in 200 m (Julia Hofer)
              - 2nd in shot put (Laura Renner)
  •     German Athletics Championships 2018: German university champion in 200 m (Julia Hofer)


  •     German University Championships 2007: placed in Lightweight One (Johannes Knollmüller)

Nordic Skiing

  •     3rd places each at the 15 km cross-country skiing and 30 km cross-country skiing at the Universiade 2003 (Andreas Ampßler)

Shooting sport

  •     FISI World University Championships 2018: 3rd place trap shooting (Stefan Veit, German national team)


Important details about the sports programme

University sport begins in the winter semester 2019/20 in the 41st calendar week 2019 (7 October) and ends with the start of the exam period in the 4th calendar week 2020 (24 January). Changes to the university sports programme, hall closures or course cancellations will be communicated by e-mail. During school holidays, public holidays and the semester break there will be no university sports activities in the school sports halls and Elypso swimming pool.

For reasons of capacity and insurance law, only students and full-time employees of the Deggendorf University of Technology are entitled to participate in university sports.

In addition, university sports should not lead to competition with commercial sports providers or sports clubs.


When participating in the sports activities, a valid student or employee identity card must always be carried. This must be shown on request. Checks will be carried out to verify eligibility. The employees and course instructors employed for this purpose exercise the house rules in the name of the university sport and in the event of abuse or unauthorised participation are authorised to expel the persons concerned from the sports facility.

If the hall capacity is exceeded, the course instructors are obliged not to allow any further persons access to the respective offer.

The instructions of the instructors must be followed.

Should a person wish to enter the building contrary to the instructions, the instructors are obliged to inform the police.



Regulations for use apply to the sports facilities, hall  and usage regulations of the relevant public and club sports facilities must be observed.

Halls may only be entered with clean sports shoes, equipped with a light, abrasion-resistant sole.


The students of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology are insured against accidents organised by the General University Sport and supervised by course instructors (including official competition events).

DIT does not have statutory accident insurance cover during free sporting activity or free play outside the organised lessons.

Non-student participants in university sports are recommended to take out private accident insurance.

In the event of accidents requiring medical attention, an accident report form must be completed.

Therefore, please report these sports accidents immediately to the Head of University Sports!


In order to be able to cover any claims arising from personal injury or damage to property, all participants in university sports are advised to take out liability insurance.

The University accepts no liability for theft and damage to private property.

Participants in university sports are requested not to deposit any valuables in the changing rooms. It is recommended to take them with you to the sports facility or sports hall.


Student Clubs & Associations

Use your free time to get active with your fellow students in one of the numerous student associations or to make new acquaintances there. There is a suitable contact point for all interests:


Logo AlumniNet

Association of graduates of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology

For all graduates

AlumniNet website

Contact: Ulrike Sauckel

AlumniNet - my network.

The association is the network between university, students and graduates. With over 700 members, it is the largest association at the university.

The association organizes four German scholarships annually.
Graduates the association offers the possibility of accessing further on the on-line career stock exchange to participate in seminars for Young Professionals or a
to receive the Stellennewsletter. In addition, they can take part in many events (Stammtische all over Germany, THD-on-Top-of, Abschlussgrillen) and make contacts.

A highlight are the business trips on 3.10.: we visit alumni in other European countries and get to see the company.
(so far 2012 Google, Dublin; 2013 AnInBev, Prague; 2014 Cisco, Amsterdam; 2015 Wien Energie, Vienna; 2016 iamYiam, London).

Students have access to a network that helps them to advance both privately and professionally.




Afrikanischer studentischer Verein Deggendorf e. V.

For all students

Facebook-Gruppe von ASVD

Email: africancommunitydeggendorf@gmail.com

Wir sind eine afrikanische studentische Gemeinschaft in der Stadt Deggendorf. Da die Sprache, neues Leben , neue Kultur, Orientierung und Wohnmöglichkeiten immer ein großes Problem am Anfang eiens Studiums in Deggendorf sind, haben wir uns entschieden, eine Gemeinschaft zu gründen, in der wir uns gegenseitig helfen. Da wir meistens die gleiche Muttersprache haben, ist es einfacher neuen afrikanischen Studierenden zu erklären, wie das ganze an der Hochschule funktioniert.
Wir sind auch in Richtung Kulturaustausch orientiert und organisieren zu diesem Zweck viele kulturelle Veranstaltungen, um mit anderen Nationalitäten in Kontakt zu treten.
Ein weiterer Grund ist mit dem Thema Rassismus zu binden: Hier versuchen wir in der Gemeinde zu orientieren, wie man damit umgehen soll falls jemand in der Straße oder irgendwo belästigt wurde. Es kommt leider noch heutzutage vor, dass man in der Öffentlichkeit explizite Beleidigungen hört.
Manche afrikanischen Studierenden in Deutschland leiden unter den Rassismus bishin zu suizidalen Gedanken - und wir wollen sowas vermeiden.
Wir sind offen für alle, die uns gerne kennen lernen wollen oder unsere Kultur entdecken wollen.



Club of Mechanical EngineersLogo CoME e.V.

For students of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering

Facebook-Seite von CoME

Email: come@th-deg.de

In 1995, the then students of the university founded the Club of Mechanical Engineers, CoME for short. The foundation of the association was based on the idea of putting the students' cooperation into the framework of an association. In addition to events that promote communication among students, CoME organizes excursions to trade fairs in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechatronics. Plant visits are also part of these activities.




Student consulting of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology Logo Consult-it

For all students

Website consult-it!

Facebook consult-it!

Email: kontakt@consult-it-online.de

We are an association of young students from various fields of study. Our recipe for success is the combination of theory and practice. We give our members the opportunity to implement the knowledge they learn during their studies through projects in the private sector. You profit by an attractive association life, interesting Workshops and our Germany far acting roof federation JC network. Through the support of former members and professors of the Deggendorf University of Technology, experiences are passed on and knowledge exchanged.


Logo Degg Athletes

For all students

Facebook Degg Athletes

We are a young student association that was founded in 2019. The "Deggathletes ASW", is hosted by students of Applied Sports Science,  primarily for sporting and communal activities. Students of all disciplines, who are also interested in topics such as sport, health and a camaraderie together, can become members with us. Furthermore, we offer opportunities to improve your everyday sporting life with our specialist knowledge. In addition, self-initiated events and sports-related excursions are of course part of our comprehensive supporting programme.


Logo Deg Tours e.V.

For students of Tourism Management

Website von DEG. Tour-S.

Email: degtours@th-deg.de

We at DEG.TOUR.-S. are a community of students and professors interested in tourism at the Deggendorf University of Technology. Our goal is it to manufacture and maintain contacts to enterprises and organizations of the industry to enrich the study with interesting lectures and study travels and above all to strengthen co-operation and we feeling.



Association for the support of and exchange with international studentsLogo esn

For all students

Website von esn

The association enables all DITstudents to gain both international and intercultural experience in addition to their university studies. Active engagement with esn helps the students to improve their foreign language skills and to acquire key professional qualifications. Our main task is to make the exchange students' stay at the THD as attractive and efficient as possible through supervision, learning programs, excursions and parties.y


Logo Fast Forest

For all students

Formula student website


Email: formula-student@th-deg.de





Fast Forest - The Formula Student Team

The Formula Student Team of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology was founded in 2008 by a few students. In 2009 the first milestone was set with the presentation of the first racing car, called "Jenny".

While the team only competed in the gasoline class in the first season, they also developed an electric racing car in the second season. Since the 2011/2012 season, Fast Forest has specialised only in the electric class. Since then the institute of the THD has developed very well and currently has more than 80 active members and over 240 alumni. Due to the large number of alumni, the current team can always count on their help and support.         
The biggest success so far has been a very respectable 9th place overall from over 40 teams at the electric vehicles in Hockenheim.

The tenth vehicle is currently in progress. The team is taking on a new challenge. Under the motto "Four-wheel drive 4 motivation", the team around "Jenny08X" is building the first four-wheel drive vehicle in the history of the club. The team leaders who are represented by Michael Neuhauser (overall team leader), Katharina Braig (team leader economy) and Simon Zollner (team leader technology) take over the responsibility for this.

Formula Student - What is it?

Formula Student is an international construction competition in which students work in teams to design and build a racing car and compete against teams from all over the world in summer. There is both a petrol and an electric class.

However, building only the fastest car is not enough to win against the other teams. The jury, which consists of experts from the motor sports, automotive and supplier industries, evaluates the design, cost and business plans of the individual teams, as well as compliance with the strict regulations.         
Furthermore, the students prove in various dynamic disciplines how their self-built cars prove themselves on the race track. The content of their studies can thus be supplemented and deepened by practical experience. Not only the engineering courses are required, but also the economic ones.

Formula Student is a large community of like-minded students from different countries. At the events not only your own team grows closer together, but you also get to know many other teams.

In recent years Fast Forest has participated annually in the competitions in Germany at the Hockenheimring, in Austria at the Red Bull Ring and in Spain at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.


Fast Forest - The Formula Student Team of the THD

The Formula Student Team of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology was founded in 2008 by a few students. In 2009 the first milestone was set with the presentation of the first racing car, called "Jenny".

While the team only competed in the gasoline class in the first season, they also developed an electric racing car in the second season. Since the 2011/2012 season, Fast Forest has specialised only in the electric class. Since then the institute of the THD has developed very well and currently has more than 80 active members and over 240 alumni. Due to the large number of alumni, the current team can always count on their help and support.         
The biggest success so far has been a very respectable 9th place overall from over 40 teams at the electric vehicles in Hockenheim.

The tenth vehicle is currently in progress. The team is taking on a new challenge. Under the motto "Four-wheel drive 4 motivation", the team around "Jenny08X" is building the first four-wheel drive vehicle in the history of the club. The team leaders who are represented by Michael Neuhauser (overall team leader), Katharina Braig (team leader economy) and Simon Zollner (team leader technology) take over the responsibility for this.

Of course Fast Forest, like any other Formula Student team, depends on the support of volunteer members. Therefore, every interested person, no matter from which study course he comes, is very welcome. Motivation and commitment as well as the willingness to work in a team and last but not least the interest in the car are important.

In addition to the opportunity to put into practice and expand the knowledge acquired during their studies, Fast Forest also offers an excellent platform for further education in specialist and interdisciplinary areas such as teamwork, presentations, project management, etc. In addition, the cross-faculty project offers contact to students from almost all faculties of the THD.         
The team is supported by many sponsors in the construction of the racing cars. It belongs to the tasks of the students to acquire the sponsors and to cultivate the contacts afterwards. These contacts are of course of great use in later professional life. A participation in the Formula Student is definitely worth it!


Logo Firstcontact

For all students



E-mail: info@firstcontact-deggendorf.de

The association First Contact consists of students of all disciplines. We have made it our business to establish and maintain contacts with companies. With much commitment and inventiveness we organize among other things the annually taking place university contact fair job stock exchange. Our most important task is to present the university and its students to the companies, and/or the companies of the university and their students.



Association of students with an interest in computer scienceLogo Hochschulgruppe der Gesellschaft für Informatik


The GI is currently the largest professional representation of computer science in the German-speaking world. It promotes the exchange of knowledge, research and the further development of computer science-related aspects. Due to a lively interest in the networking of computer scientists, the GI has grown rapidly and currently comprises 14 different subject groups, each specializing in a specific subject area.

Our university group enables a very extensive contact to these and many other networks. We regularly organize guest lectures for our members, visit individual companies and cooperate with companies and institutions in individual projects.
In order to expand our student life, however, cross-disciplinary contact does not only serve the learning aspect.


Logo IM the Club

For students of International Management and exchange students


E-mail: imtheclub@gmail.com

The aim of the IMTC is to support all IM students, past, present and future, through contacts, information and experience. The IMTC is a network - be it experiences abroad, helpful tips for studies or jobs, opportunities for internships, or simply communication: every IM student can contribute his or her experiences. Most have studied abroad, completed an internship or lived abroad - and those who haven't will soon enjoy it.



For all students



E-Mail: khg@th-deg.de

The celebration of church services belongs to the centre of this accossiation, but we also promote a wide range of different activities and projects.

Logo von Market Mavens e. V. dem studentischen Börsenverein der THD

For all students


E-mail: marketmavensev@gmail.com

The aim of the association is to provide students and the general public with information about securities and stock exchanges and to promote the German equity culture. The association organizes lectures, technical discussions and panel discussions in order to promote and maintain contact between students and with companies.


Facebook of RESP e. V.

"RESP e.V.", which consists of "Respect other cultures, European mind, Students Pfarrkirchen", is the student association of the newly founded European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen. The name is intended to refer to the tolerance that should be shown towards every culture, as well as to the European community idea. The association is primarily intended to strengthen the cohesion between the students. Excursions are to be organized or grill, cinema and play evenings are to be offered. The inclusion of international students is very important. The student Buddys support with the apartment search, with official visits and give first information in advance. In addition, events are to be organized for the public.

Contact: severin.eder@stud.th-deg.de


Logo des TedX Clubs

For all students



E-mail: tedxdit@gmail.com

The association TEDx Club e.V. consists of students of all disciplines. We mainly deal with the organization of TEDx conferences under the official license of TED. In addition, we have made it our mission to create a worldwide network of students, professors and external influencers from various industries.

Logo des Vereins Deggendorfer Bauingenieure

For students of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering

E-mail: vdbau@th-deg.de

The VDBau is a connection between students, graduates, professors and the economy. Our goal is the exchange of knowledge from theory and practice, and thus the enrichment of the student life within and outside of the university. Through our relationships with companies in the construction industry and engineering offices, we arrange contacts to diploma theses, internships and vacancies. The organization of lectures and excursions is one of our main tasks. In addition, we promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among students.


Logo VWI Hochschulgruppe Deggendorf e.V.

For Students of Industrial Engineering and Management


E-mail: vorstand@vwi-deggendorf.de

The VWI University Group was founded in 2009 by the first students of Industrial Engineering. In addition to various excursions to interesting companies, exciting day trips and tournaments, the VWI offers a nationwide platform to expand networks between students and interested parties from industry, as well as professors.

Logo WI Project e. V.



E-mail: info@wi-project.de

WI-Project serves the networking and the exchange of experiences between the WI students and  former graduates. As association of the Deggendorfer economical computer scientists we made it us the task to help WI students and students to find its way fast in the Deggendorfer student life.

Student Representatives

We, the student representatives forming together to be named the "Student Convention", are at your disposal in the respective faculties as a contact point for all questions and enquiries of all kinds, be it about exams or lectures or concrete individual questions such as subject combinations, choice of focus or problems with professors, we are happy to help you.


Speakers committee

  • Buchner Patrick
  • Buchner Simon
  • Ibulekwu Benedict
  • Reusch Jasmin
  • Soboczenski André
  • Stadler Jonas


  • Buchner Patrick
  • Eder Severin



  • Baier Matthias
  • Buchner Patrick
  • Buchner Simon
  • Bürgel Laura
  • Draack John
  • Eder Severin
  • Engl Isabell
  • Fischer Anna Lena
  • Gerstner Alice
  • Greiner Nicole
  • Huber Marina
  • Ibulekwu Benedict
  • Idt Michael
  • Krafczyk Oskar
  • Lindinger Sebastian
  • Ludwig Maximilian
  • Paul Melina
  • Perales Daniel Rodriguez
  • Reusch Jasmin (2. Vorsitzende)
  • Sajal Belal
  • Schmid Franz
  • Schülke Björn
  • Soboczenski André (1.Vorsitzender)
  • Stadler Jonas
  • Weikl Sandra
  • Wimmer Franz

We have the right to vote in the faculty council and can therefore directly apply and enforce the wishes of the students to the faculty.

We help to maintain the unique atmosphere at our university and the good relationship with professors and administrative staff.

Read more details on www.facebook.com/studentischerkonvent


Just stop by our office!

Office Hours: Wednesdays 1 -  2pm
Office: D118
Email: studentenvertretung@th-deg.de
Phone: 0991 3615-455
Facebook: www.facebook.com/studentischerkonvent


Musical Campus

University choir
Hochschulechor der THD auf der Bühne

--- Unfortunately the university choir in winter semester 2020/21 is cancelled. ---

The university choir regularly frames festive occasions in the course of the year of our university, such as the "Dies academicus" in front of about 1400 guests from all over the world in the Stadthalle Deggendorf, performances in the context of the "Open Day" or other festivities and church services.

The repertoire of our choir is widely diversified and ranges from Baroque, Classical and Romantic choral movements to lively songs and lyrics from jazz and contemporary pop music.

All students who enjoy choir singing, especially those who have already sung in a choir, are invited to join the university choir.

The joint rehearsals take place in an amusingly efficient setting and are a lot of fun for all participants within the framework of this nice choir community.Hochschulchor der THD bei der Probe

The HS Choir is conducted by Toni Daumerlang, former director of the Comenius-Gymnasium Deggendorf, OStD a.D., who studied music and conducted a renowned concert choir ("Motettenchor Pocking") for four decades.

Rehearsals take place every Wednesday (5.30 p.m.) in the rehearsal room of the Stadthalle Deggendorf (side entrance between Stadthalle and NH-Hotel).

Note: If you successfully participate in the DIT university choir, your participation will be recognized as an elective subject with 2 ECTS credits.




Big Band

Die THD Big Band bei einem Auftritt
If you already have 2-3 years of playing experience in the field of jazz or big band music, then you will be at home in our big band. We organize university events, such as the ceremony for the 25th anniversary of the DIT and the open day or organize a concert evening. Students and staff are equally welcome to enrich the big band with their musical talent.
Rehersals are once a week in the rehearsal room of the stadthallen.
Rehearsal date: Tuesdays at 7.15pm.

If you are interested, drop by for a rehearsal!
Contact person is Michaela Gerl (0176 44464520)


University Elections

Summer semester 2019

General information (documents only in German):

Election of representatives in the Senate, the faculty boards and the student convent (documents only in German):

Election of Faculty Deans for Electrical Engineering & Media Technology, Applied Computer Science and the European Campus Rottal-Inn:


Sample Nominations

University election results

Copy Shop

 Deggendorf campus has a copy shop where you can print scripts, copy documents, have final papers or seminar papers bound and similar things.

The copy shop is in building C, room C 012.

Tel: 0991 3615-362

E-Mail: copyshop@liebl-systems.de

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 10am - 2pm

Service Centres on Campus


informs and advises all applicants and students. It provides support in choosing a course of study (decision-making problems), changing universities, and difficulties or crises in the course of studies.

advises on questions of application procedures and admission to studies as well as on matters of examination law and the completion of practical study periods during the course of study.

advises students wishing to spend a semester abroad, advises and looks after international students, scholarship holders and guests, is responsible for maintaining European partnerships within the framework of the ERASMUS programme and coordinates university partnerships worldwide.

sees itself as a cooperation partner for companies, faculties, students and graduates. First and foremost, it aims to facilitate students' transition into the world of work and increase their chances on the job market. In addition to intensive counselling, the Career Service offers students the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications.

supports the students to move linguistically confidently and appropriately in everyday, study and professional contexts. The AWP and Language Centre offers students language courses, placement tests and certificates, general science electives (AWP subjects), a tandem programme, an annual language trip and much more.