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Deggendorf Institute of Technology

A Simple Definition

What is a university of applied sciences?

A university of applied sciences is a school for adults. Lots of people can learn at a university of applied sciences. This is called studying.

People who study are called students.

Students learn new things from degree courses.

People with a good school certificate can study at a university. The school certificate in Germany is called Abitur.

When you finish your degree course you graduate. You will get a Bachelor or Master degree. You can find good jobs with a Bachelor or Master degree.

Lots of people work at a university.

Teachers at universities are called professors. They teach students. They explore lots and want to find new things. Professors want to solve problems.

In order to do that they work with other professors.

There are lots of other people at a university who explore something. You call them scientists or researchers. They work together with professors.


Deggendorf Institute of Technology

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology is a very young university. It exists since 1994.

DIT is short for Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

DIT is very popular. Lots of students come to DIT every year. At the moment there are almot 8,000 students at DIT. This is a lot for a young university.


What can you study at DIT?

You can learn a lot at DIT. There are many departments. Every department focuses on one specific topic. A department at a university is called a faculty. There are eight faculties at DIT. Students can choose what they want to study.

For example, students at DIT can learn how to make a movie. They can learn this at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Media Technology.

Other students want to learn how to build engines and machines. They can do that at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics.

Students learn how to programme computers at the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

Some people want to learn how to care for sick people. They study at the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.

There is a very special faculty at DIT. It is called European Campus Rottal-Inn. Everything is taught in English. The European Campus is not in Deggendorf. The European Campus is in Pfarrkirchen. It is the first campus location in Bavaria, where courses are only taught in English.

There is also the Faculty for Civil and Construction Engineering and Environmental Technology at DIT. There is the Faculty of Applied Economics and there is also the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences and Industrial Engineering.


Technology Campus at DIT.

There is another special thing about DIT. It has lots of technology campuses. The technology campuses are not in Deggendorf.

Some researchers of the university work at technology campuses. They work together with local companies. For example, in Spiegelau people have always worked with flass, At the technology campus of DIT in Spiegelau, scientists explore everything in connection to glass.

Scientists in Bad Kötzting explore healthcare.

DIT has a total of eleven technology campuses. No other university in Bavaria has that many.


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