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Opening Hours & Current Information


(Valid from 29 November 2021)

The requirements of the most recent Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (Bayerische Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung) apply.

From 29 November 2021, we will switch to collection-only.


Information on collection-only from 29 November 2021

  • The 2G regulation applies. Student ID or identity card must be shown. For pupils, the pupil ID is sufficient as only proof. 3G or 3G+ apploes to employees. 
  • Masks are compulsory (FFP2 masks)
  • The reading room and the study rooms in ITC2 are expected to be closed until 7 January 2022, but collection of pre-ordered media is possible via appointment.


  • University members inform us of the selected date and the required literature via iLearn (Campus Deggendorf / ECRI)
  • External users send their book requests for the reading room stock in writing via e-mail, indicating name, user number and preferred period for collection.

Media return:

  • Via mail
  • Via the return box
    Please note: The return box closes automatically as soon as it is full!
  • At the same time as new books are collected. A book trolley is available at the information desk where you can place the books.
    Important: If media are returned on the day of the loan period, they must be handed in by 4 pm


If you have any questions, you can reach us during opening hours:

Please also use our FAQ and Usage sections.


Opening Hours


Main Library (Closed: 24 - 31 December 2021)

Mon - Fri 9 am - 4 pm


ITC 2 Library 

Closed from 29 November until 7 January 2022  


ECRI Library (Closed 24 December 2021 - 7 January 2022)

Mon - Fri

9 am - noon

  1 - 4 pm




The basis for use is the General Regulations for Use of the Bavarian State Libraries (ABOB in German). Borrowing is only possible with a library card.

In addition, the following guidelines apply:

For students:

1) Fill out the user application (DEG; ECRI) and scan both pages (as a PDF file), plus a photo of your student ID. The application with the subject "User account" has to be sent to at the Deggendorf location, to at the Pfarrkirchen location, or alternatively by post (application 1 sheet - printed on both sides!) to the library of your location.
2) Carry out a self-registration via the OPAC (Login → Self-Registration). Only a carefully completed form can be unlocked. For your library account, use your university mail address in any case, if necessary also your private mail address in second place.
3) Choose an introductory course for the library or inform yourself on the library's website about the regulations and procedures regarding the use of the library.

The account is usually activated within 3 days after all documents have been submitted. There is no confirmation. Test the registration yourself via the OPAC after this period.

For staff:

In deviation from the above procedure, the blue chip is required for the registration.

For lecturers and externals:

Please contact


Book Loan

Books are borrowed by self-service using your student ID and password.
Make sure there is sufficient clearance at the self-checker. Otherwise, incorrect bookings can occur.
Put max. 5 books at the same time on the marked area and close your account - ideally with the button "unsubscribe + receipt"! Check your receipt carefully.

Check the condition of the books and show damaged or soiled books and media to the librarian.

Please note the following (ABOB § 8 duty of care and compensation):

(1) The users have to treat the works carefully and protect them from damage. Entries of any kind, such as painting and reporting of errors, as well as the turning over of page corners, are considered to be damage.

(2) The user must check the condition of each item upon receipt and report any damage immediately. If they choose not to do this, it is assumed that the work has been borrowed in an undamaged condition.



You can return your books at the counter during opening hours.

Outside opening hours, returns can be put in the returns box (entrance area of the library). It closes automatically as soon as it is full. The books will be returned on the next opening day.

The books must be returned on the deadline day at the latest.


Orders from the stockroom

You can order books and journals from ITC2 stockroom via the OPAC. Books will be available for collection from the main library on the next opening day from 1pm. Journal volumes are only available in ITC2 and can be copied or read on site.
The orders are ready within 5 working days.

Loan Extension or Renewal

Any book from the DIT library that is not pre-ordered or on special loan can be extended up to two times for the same period. The extension can be carried out via your OPAC user account or on the self-checkout. An extension application by email is not possible.
Special regulations apply to the extension of interlibrary loan books.



A reservation can be made via the OPAC for books currently on loan.
These books will be kept at the counter for a week after they have been returned. If the new user has saved an email address in their user account, they will receive a notification about the availability of the desired title.


Main Library Overview

Ground floor                       Semester appliances

Lower ground floor          technology, computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, sports, medicine, group rooms (freely accessible)

In between floor               general, languages, law, care

1st floor                                economics, carrels, book scanners

ITC2                                       stockroom for older books and journal volumes (order via OPAC)

                                                individual and group learning rooms


Book Organisation

The majority of our stock is arranged according to the Regensburger Systematik (RVK). The shelfmark consists of the following parts:

  80/ZI 4200 W511-1(2)+2
80 local license plate, indicates the loan period, in this case 2 weeks
ZI 4200 system location of the Regensburg system, in this case general building materials
W 511 formal breakdown of the author's family name, in this case Wesche
-1 book volumne
(2) edition
+2 no. of copies


You can recognise the stockroom inventory by this lending classification:



Lending Period

  The loan period is determined by the lending classification, which is part of the book signature:
00 Reading room stock
4 weeks

Reference books, dictionaries, journals main library
Books: see overnight and weekend loan

Journals: generally not borrowable


reference book of the textbook collection
(see overnight and weekend loan)

30 reading Room Stock (Lesesaalbestand) (later in the AGW library)
4 weeks

reference books (later in the AGW library)
Books: see overnight and weekend loan

Journals: generally not borrowable

32 reference book of the textbook collection (later in the AGW library)
(see overnight and weekend loan)
38 textbook collection (Lehrbuchsammlung) (later in the AGW library)
2 weeks


library in Pfarrkirchen
4 weeks
42 reference book of the textbook collection from the library in Pfarrkirchen
(see overnight and weekend loan)
48 textbook collection library in Pfarrkirchen
2 weeks
80 textbook collection
2 weeks
70 stock from special financing
8 weeks (only one extension of 4 weeks possible)
90 journals stockroom ITC2 --> available for order in OPAC --> Counter ITC2
Not borrowable
95 books stockroom ITC2 --> available for order in OPAC --> Desk at main library
4 weeks
96 books, journals stockroom ITC2 --> available for order in OPAC --> Counter ITC2
Not borrowable
97 special stock stockroom ITC2 --> available for order in OPAC --> Counter ITC2
Not borrowable


Overnight and Weekend Loan

Books with the lending classification 20/32/42 can be borrowed over night or over one weekend: Collection/loan 1 hour before closing, return by 12 noon the next day.

Books with lending classification 10/31/41 are available for a short-term loan of 3 days. Journals with lending classification 10/31/41 are generally not available for loan.

1. Diploma, bachelor and master theses

Only theses that have been evaluated particularly well and for which the company involved has also given its consent for inclusion in the library can be viewed.

Economicy 80/QB 500...
Mechanical Engineering / Mechatronics 80/ZL 1300...
Electrical Engineering 80/ZN 1300...
Civil and Environmental Engineering 80/ZI 1300...
Applied Health Sciences 80/XA 1300...
Media Technology 80/AP 11850...


University papers are also available in electronic form in the OPAC. Select the following search:

Verlag: deggendorf Erscheinungsform: E-Book →Trefferliste eingrenzen nach Dokumenttyp: Hochschulschrift


2. Test library

Special guidelines apply to the use and issue of tests. Tests may only be consulted in the context of research and teaching.

An overview of all available tests can be found here.

Only one test at a time may be viewed in the library. Questionnaires, record sheets, etc. contained in the tests may not be completed. The evaluation material contained in the tests serves only as a sample and may therefore not be copied or reproduced. The return must be complete.

Authorised users are:

Please wait for our confirmation.

For borrowing, please bring your blue chip or your student ID card as well as the signed or verified request for use.

Borrowing and returning items is only possible via the circulation deks.


3. Stock of the International Maglev Board e.V.

This collection is on loand and is archived in the library's stacks. Thematically, the collection mainly comprises magnetic levitation technology (Maglev Magnetic Levitation) in connection with high-speed railways.

The media cannot be borrowed, but they can be used in the reading room. Usage in the reading room is generally possible.


Please enter a mail address in your online user account. You will then receive a free reminder for all loans 3 days before the end of the loan period.
Books that are not returned in time must be reminded with costs:

  • Costs for the 1st reminder: € 7.50
  • Costs for the 2nd reminder: additional € 10
  • Costs for the 3rd reminder: additional € 20 + € 5.60 shipping fee
  • Costs for the value replacement (notification): additional € 30 + € 5.60 shipping fee

Of main importance is the return of the media. Currently, you will receive an invoice automatically, in case of a reminder only after the return of the media.The account is automatically unlocked as soon as the media is returned and payment is made. Unless there is another reason for blocking the account.



Lost or damaged library items will be invoiced.


In order to create a pleasant atmosphere for learning and working for everyone, we ask you to observe the following:

Jackets and Bags

Jackets and bags are not allowed in the library. Please use the cloakroom or lockers. Laptop bags may be brought along, but must be shown when entering and leaving the library.

Food and Drinks

Eating and drinking is not allowed, with one exception: tightly sealed and transparent (colourless) glass or plastic bottles with water are allowed. Other drinks are not allowed. Please take the bottles back with you when leaving the library.

Noise Level

Please pay attention to the volume in the library. Group work rooms and carrels are available for group work. Keep the noise to an absolute minimum.

Remember to switch your phones to silent mode!


Main Library Extended Opening Hours

The main library is open to students from 8am to midnight during the exam preparation and revision period. The specific period will be announced each semester. Outside of regular opening hours, registration with your own student ID is mandatory. No other people may be admitted. Please close the door behind you!


ITC2 Library

Various individual and group study rooms are available in ITC2. The rooms can be booked via iLearn.

Regulations on how to use rooms:

The prerequisite for the actual handover of keys is an activated library account! Rooms in ITC2 can be used for either half a day (8.30 am - 1 pm as well as 2 - 7 pm) or a full day (8.30 am - 7 pm). On Fridays, the keys are handed out only once in the morning and must be returned by 5 pm! The keys are handed out in the main library between 8.30 and 9.30 am or between 2 and 3 pm.

At the ITC2-counter you find spray bottle and cloths that you can use to disinfect your workplace. Please put the bottle back again!

C1 – C9: single rooms

G1 – G11: group rooms

Masks can be removed when you're sitting down if a 1.5m distance to other people can be maintained. The arrangement of chairs and desks must not be changed!

Picking up the keys:

  • Please check your mailbox in case of a reservation before you enter the library. Reservations may need to be cancelled in isolated cases (e.g. if the key has not been returned in due time).
  • Reserved keys can be picked up in the main library every day between 8.30 and 9.30 am. First, show your student ID card through the window of the lending desk. You will receive your key with one box and one receipt. Please bring your own pen, sign the receipt and throw it back into the provided box
  • You can open the lower ITC2 entrance door with the key you have received.
  • You may find vacant rooms in the ITC2 from 1.00 pm in the OPAC (free search: 25/Schlüssel*). Keys for these rooms are handed out without reservation in the main library between 2 and 3 pm.
  • There is no possibility to ask any questions when picking up the key. However, the library staff are happy to answer any questions by email ( or by phone (0991/3615-705).

Returning the keys:

  • The key must be returned 7 pm (Monday to Thursday) and 5 pm (on Friday) using the return box (cd box!)


  • Do not pass on the key to anyone
  • Please be quiet in the ITC2 library
  • Taking appliances such as electric kettles, fans, etc. (except for small table fans) to the library is not permitted
  • Any mess, damage, etc. must be reported to immediately after taking over the room
  • Pay attention to the correct number of chairs (the number of chairs is indicated on the door of the carrel)
  • If you leave the room, close window and door
  • Do not drop litter

Noncompliance with the rules may result in longer bans and/or additional fines.

There is an emergency phone near room G11. Please dial 110 or 112 in case of emergency.

In case of an alarm, please leave the building immediately and do not return until the alarm stops.



Lockers in the main and ITC2 library are only available for the time of the library visit. Occupancy beyond this period is not permitted. The keys can be borrowed at the counter with the library card and must be returned before the library is closed. This applies in deviation from the deadlines issued by the lending programme.

For the period of 24h operation, a special regulation for students applied in regards to returning the keys:

We only issue locker keys for the time of library use and expect them to be returned before closing time.

Deviating from this rule and from the deadlines automatically set by the loan programme, keys are returned from Friday 6 pm to Sunday midnight:

  • It is only possible to return the keys once during this period, after that no further borrowing is possible
  • Therefore, keep the key until Sunday midnight if necessary, but return it to the key box of the supervisor at the latest.


In the entrance area you will find baskets for self-checking into your library account. You must return them to the counter before the library closes.

Carrels are individual or group study rooms. They are all open and can be used like the reading room spaces in the current Corona operation. They can be found on the upper and lower floors.

For more information on the carrels in ITC2, see ITC2 Library.


In the basement you can find a Follow-Me printer which can be used with your student card.

There is also a book scanner in Carrel 1 on the upper floor. All you need is a USB stick.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you're looking for:

Perhaps the general information on use, interlibrary loan, e-books etc. on our homepage will help.

If you still have questions, please send an e-mail to

0230 and 7-digit number on the student ID/chip(card) (without letter and zero).

Example: Card number= S 01234567 User number= 02301234567

For older cards: 02300 and 6-digit card number

The automatically sent user number within the scope of self-admission is not valid!

Further information can be found under -> Usage: Opening a library account.

  • Is the VPN connection established? This is the only way to access outside the campus.
  • Where did you find the e-book? In the OPAC you will find e-books actually licensed by us. Non-licensed titles are also offered on the provider pages.
  • At the provider ProQuest Ebook Central you have to create an account yourself for the complete download of e-books. Online reading and the download of individual chapters are possible without an account.

Your account will be blocked with your de-registration/exmatriculation. It is possible to apply for a pass as an external user (mail to

  • Your account is blocked due to an unpaid fee: a quick account activation is possible if you send the proof of payment to
  • Validation of your student card is required or you have changed your course of study: send a photograph of your student card and a current certificate of enrolment to

You pay overdue fines via bank transfer.

Currently during the pandemic, you will receive an invoice in all cases, in the case of a reminder only after the media have been returned.

The password was chosen during self-registration. If forgotten:

Request a new one via OPAC → Log in → Forgotten password

If you have not received a new password via e-mail, the e-mail address in your account is incorrect. Please check this by sending an e-mail to

In order for the new password to be activated at the self-checkout, log in and out once in the OPAC.

Dates are offered via iLearn for students in the 3rd or 4th semester of the above-mentioned degree programmes. Please note that Module A (library exercise) is only offered in the winter semester.

All dates already set will be entered immediately. Please be patient until new offers are possible.

You either do not have a library account (see keyword library account) or are registered with another card (see blocked account).

Research & Databases


  • The research in databases is free for members of the university. Access can be granted for external users as far as licence agreements allow it.
  • Some databases allow you to create a user account. The usage is optional. Information on data storage and processing by those databases can be found in the  privacy policy of the providers.
  • Terms and conditions of those providers, which can be found on their websites, apply

 Generally speaking:

  • Conditions regarding downloads and printing are determined by the provider
  • Transfer of content to third parties is not allowed
  • The use is only permitted for own, scientific purposes
  • Systematic download is prohibited


Access on campus

  • Access is automatically granted on fixed installed computers
  • Automatic access is granted on personal devices and the Wi-Fi connection Eduroam
  • On personal devices and all other Wi-Fi connections a VPN connection is needed

Access from home

Important information for VPN connection

  • Start the VPN client before you open the database (Provider will not recognise you as valid user)
  • If forgotten:
    • Clear browser cache
    • Start VPN
    • Restart browser
    • Visit database


Please always select OPAC (=Online Public Access Catalogue) of your university location, regardless of whether you are interested in books from your own location, from another location or via interlibrary loan:





Über den Reiter „Aufsätze & mehr“ finden Sie im OPAC Aufsätze aus Zeitschriften und Büchern. Das kann ein Sucheinstieg sein, wenn bereits eine Quelle vorliegt und der entsprechende Volltext benötigt wird. Für umfangreichere thematische Aufsatzrecherchen empfehlen wir allerdings unsere Fachdatenbanken, die nachfolgend nach Fachgebiet sortiert sind.

Wie Sie von der Quelle zum eigentlichen Aufsatz kommen, erfahren Sie in dieser Anleitung.



DIN standards, DIN-EN standards, VDI guidelines, DWA policy (full text in German)

Other standards, regulations etc. not available via Perinorm in printed form are available at the front desk at the library (List of these documents).

Perinorm – Legal advice

  • Authorised users are university members, teaching assistant and guest lecturers (for the duration of their job/stay), university staff and students, as well as visitors of the library, who are using an IP-address from the university.
  • Legal rights of use contain the access to the collection of standards at all times over the whole time of the contract.
  • Access to the collection of standards includes the use of the contents in accordance with the provisions of German copyright law.
  • Authorised users are allowed to conduct research for themselves and to make the researched data visible on the available screens.
  • University users may save extracts of the researched data using the cut-and-paste method and make paper copies (saving and printing) solely for their own scientific use.
  • The passing on of data (in whole or in part) not covered by German copyright law and the granting of access for third parties to the stored data and the commercial provision of information are not permitted.
  • University users may reproduce individual contents of the collection of standards for courses at universities for the preparation and implementation of lectures and exercises and other training courses.
  • For the reproduction of standards or parts of a standard in master's/bachelor's/doctoral theses, an application must be submitted to DIN (deposited with the application); such reproduction is free of charge according to § 53 UrhG if no commercial purposes exist.

Perinorm – Technical advice

  • To open the full texts of the standards, the FileOpen Plugin for Acrobat Reader has to be installed. ( - Administrator rights required!)
  • Firefox Settings for Perinorm
  • Printing is only possible on the printer that is set as default printer.
  • Print from Perinorm
  • If access is via a proxy, the name of the HAN server ( has to be added in Firefox in the connection settings under "No proxy for:" or entered as an exception in Internet Explorer in the LAN settings. Port 81 must be opened in the firewall for HTTP
  • Problems with Mozilla Firefox: Please delete cookies, which concern Perinorm (Settings > data protection > show cookies … > put “perinorm“ in the search bar > delete all the shown cookies) re-load Perinorm. There seem to be no problems with Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.


VDE Normenbibliothek (Standards Library)

DIN-VDE standards and drafts
CD-ROM single-user version in the library; no printouts are allowed!

Web of Science

The database contains 55 million entries from the most important journals, conference proceedings and books in the following areas: Natural, social and human sciences. (All titles are available from 2004 onwards).


Database of the Fraunhofer Information Centre for Planning and Building in the fields of planning and construction.

Applied Science & Technology Source

Article database for applied sciences and technology, some with full texts. Includes subjects such as artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, plastics, hydroponics, computer science, chemistry and energy resources.

SPIE Digital Library

The SPIE Digital Library is a very extensive collection (more than 400,000 contributions) of publications on applied research in the field of optics and photonics. It is relevant to researchers in a wide range of disciplines, including optics, quantum optics, technical optics, photonics, and others.

IEEE Xplore

IEEE provides access to the following contents:
IEEE journals, transactions and magazines
IEEE conference proceedings
IET journals
IET conference proceedings
IEEE published standards and redline versions
IEEE Standards Dictionary Online
VDE VERLAG conference proceedings
Online Tutorials


Interdisciplinary database with access to the electronic journals and eBooks of the publishing house Elsevier. Please use at least Internet Explorer 9 or higher or a different browser.

Nature Communications

(Open Access Journal)

Scientific Reports

(Open Access Journal)

  • Patents (Datenbases and link collections)

WTi Frankfurt

(= Wissenschaftlich-Technische Information Frankfurt, former: FIZ-Technik)
mostly German literature on Engineering in general, mechanical and electrical Engineering
Terms of Use

Baugeräteliste online

The database BGL - Baugeräteliste contains technical-economic construction machinery data. It offers research possibilities in 24 main equipment groups and contains more than 15,000 data records.


Worksheets and information sheets on water management, crop cultivation, soil protection, sewage and waste technology

Now included in Perinorm

Bisnode Firmendatenbank

Patents and Company Data Bases


German Patent and Trademark Office


Espacenet offers free access to more than 70 million patent documents from all over the world with information on inventions and technical developments from 1836 until today.

Web Patent Database / USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office

US patents in full text from 1790 until today

IBR Standards Portal

The search engine of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) contains information on global norms and standards. The search is free of charge, document delivery and downloads are subject to a fee.


Extensive link collection of the Patent Information Centre of the TU Ilmenau (PATON). Patents can be ordered in full text via PATONline 

IHS Standards Store



German literature for economics

Research portal for economics. Among other things, it offers literature searches in important German and international databases in economics, including the holdings of the ZBW, access to free and licensed full texts on the internet.


Statista is a statistics portal that bundles statistical data from different institutes and sources.

The database offers statistics on over 60,000 topics from more than 10,000 different sources.

Web of Science

The database contains 55 million entries from the most important journals, conference proceedings and books in the following areas natural, social and human sciences. (All titles are available from 2004 onwards).


Interdisciplinary database with access to the electronic journals and eBooks of the publishing house Elsevier.
Please use at least Internet Explorer 9 or higher or another browser.

NWB Datenbank

NWB Campus license
Online modules of the NWB-Verlag: tax and business law, accounting, international tax and business law, corporate taxes and balance sheets, inheritance and assets
Terms of Use


Bisnode Firmendatenbank
Information on over 850,000 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
No access via VPN.


Regionaldatenbank Deutschland
The Regional Database Germany provides deeply structured results of the official statistics of the Federation and the Länder.

Emerald Insight / Emerald Fulltext Archive Database

lists full-text articles from over 400 journals published by Emerald from the respective publication dates up to and including 2016. The majority of the journals are in the field of economics.

CABI Leisure and Tourism

"Leisure and Tourism" contains contributions to worldwide research in the fields of tourism, leisure, recreation, hospitality, sports and culture.It currently offers access to over 196,000 abstracts with over 10,000 full text documents, over 2,650 eBook chapters, and 4,400 news articles and reviews.

The abstracts and most of the full texts are in English, but some of the full texts from various countries are also available in their original language. The search results can be filtered by language.




Juris is an online provider of legal information and offers a collection of court decisions, laws, standards and literature references, supplemented by journals, commentaries and working aids.

VPN access on/off campus is not possible.


Access via VPN is not possible (no remote access)!

Beck-online covers law comprehensively.

In addition to legal texts (e.g. Aichberger, Nipperdey, Sartorius, Schönfelder), the database contains a wide range of other fundamental legal standard works from the Beck-Verlag Munich:

  • Comments (e.g. Schönke/Schröder, Staudinger, Strafgesetzbuch, Schoch/Schmidt-Aßmann/Pietzner, VwGO)
  • Handbooks (e.g. Fritz, Hannemann, Langenfeld)
  • Magazines (e.g. Neue Juristische Wochenschrift)

In addition, Beck-online contains current judgments from case law as well as a collection of forms
Terms of Use


Portal of the Erich-Schmidt-Verlag with content on management and monitoring tasks in companies and administrations.

It covers all compliance areas such as risk management, data protection, IT compliance, corporate governance, anti-fraud management, internal audit. In addition to current short news items and specialist links, the portal essentially comprises the contents of the journals ZRFC, ZCG, ZfC and ZIR and the full texts of over 200 eBooks on the subject.
Terms of Use

Landesrecht Bayern

Laws in WWW




Film Literature Index

OLC-SSG Film and Theatre
Area: essays and reviews on film, film science, theatre, theatre science, theatre pedagogy (also musical theatre), dance, dance science, dance pedagogy

OLC-SSG Media and Communication Sciences
Area: essays and reviews on media and communication sciences, journalism

OLC-SSG Art and Art Sciences
Area: essays and reviews on science of art, European art history until 1945, contemporary art and architecture since 1945, photography, industrial design and advertising art

Interdisciplinary database with access to the electronic journals and eBooks of the publishing house Elsevier. Please use at least Internet Explorer 9 or higher or a different browser.

Filmfriend is an alternative to using DVDs for universities and libraries. The streaming portal currently offers access to over 2,500 feature films, documentaries and animated films of all genres, as well as series. The focus is on German and European productions, but numerous works from America and Asia can also be found.
Each month, the catalogue is expanded by approximately 20 works.

Terms of use:
Authorised users are authenticated via IP addresses. Any use beyond this is not permitted. The licensed content may be used for non-commercial research purposes for teaching, research and personal study.

Technical aspect:
All standard browsers, except IE 11 and Chronium, are supported.


Support Filmfriend

Stream Filmfriend films on your TV


EBSCO Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts
EBSCO database on information science and librarianship

Computer Science Bibliography: Subject Search

Computer Science Bibliography: Complete Search
Originator: Trier University

Applied Science & Technology Source
Article database for applied sciences and technology, some with full texts. Includes subjects such as AI, applied mathematics, plastics, hydroponics, computer science, chemistry, energy resources

The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Collection of bibliographies on the subject of computer science

Google Scholar
Google Scholar enables the targeted search for scientific literature

Interdisciplinary database with access to the electronic journals and eBooks of the publishing house Elsevier. Please use at least Internet Explorer 9 or higher or another browser.

Digitale SAP-Bibliothek
The database currently contains around 135 e-books and about 65 learning videos in German and English; new titles and updated editions are automatically activated as soon as they are published. The e-books are provided as PDFs with soft DRM. According to the publisher, individual pages can be printed out and saved, but further processing of text passages (via copy and paste) does not seem to be possible. There is no limitation on simultaneous access; remote access is permitted.



ZB MED Search portal life sciences

PubMed contains the database MEDLINE, which covers the fields of medicine, dentistry, pre-clinical subjects, healthcare, nursing, veterinary medicine, etc., but also peripheral areas such as biology, biochemistry, psychology or sports medicine. More than 5,200 biomedical journals are evaluated for MEDLINE. In addition, PubMed offers access to new MEDLINE citations that have not yet been fully processed. Furthermore, "links" to related articles and to full-text articles are provided.

The database is freely accessible for research, only full-text articles are subject to a fee.

CareLit Complete
Bibliographic literature database for nursing and health care. The database includes around 350 journals from the fields of: nursing, health management, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and midwifery. 

CINAHL (with Fulltext)
CINAHL is the electronic form of the Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature. The database processes almost all English speaking nursing magazines, publications by the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) and the National League for Nursing (NLN).

Furthermore, monographs, grey literature (usually not published by a publishing house), AV materials, dissertations and selected congress reports on the field of nursing and health sciences are also listed.

CINAHL Databases - Basic Searching   Watch Video
CINAHL Databases - Advanced Searching   Watch Video
CINAHL and MeSH Headings   Watch Video

PEDro is a freely accessible database of over 31,000 randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines in physiotherapy. For each trial, guideline or review, PEDro provides the bibliographic details and, where possible, an abstract and a link to the full text. All RCTs in PEDro are independently assessed for quality. These quality ratings are used to quickly guide the user of the database to studies that are likely to be valid and contain enough information to guide clinical practice. PEDro is supported by the Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy of The George Institute for Global Health.

Free Medical Journals
Electronic magazines from the medical field
Freely accessible literature database of Swiss and Austrian nursing libraries. It currently contains around 43,000 articles from over 400 evaluated journals from the year 1979 onwards.

Interdisciplinary database with access to the electronic journals and eBooks of the publishing house Elsevier.
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With just one search query, you can find relevant information from the four merged BISp databases under a new interface.

ViFa Sport
The ViFa Sport is a central portal for sports science information on the Internet. Here, both printed media and electronic information media with sports science relevance are listed.

The database currently contains about 40,000 sport related and sport science websites. The monthly increase is about 250 sources.

MEDLINE is the main bibliographic database created by the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) with a focus on medicine. It lists publications that have appeared since 1946 in approximately 5,600 journals worldwide in various languages, with English language sources predominant. The documents are indexed by NLM Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), mostly with short English summaries.
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Cochrane Library
The Cochrane Library comprises several databases:

Cochrane Reviews and Protocols:
contains systematic full-text reviews, which have been produced according to the methodology of the Cochrane Collaboration and are regularly updated. Each review assesses the effectiveness of a medical intervention and summarises the research results so far. The evidence from this database is also included in PubMed.
contains mainly evidence about randomised controlled trials (RCTs) or controlled clinical trials (CCTs) - over 1.5 million in total. This is evidence from published articles, mainly from PubMed and EMBASE, and to a lesser extent from other sources (handsearching).
Cochrane Clinical Answers: 
contains summaries of selected Cochrane reviews
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Human Kinetics Library
This platform includes more than 150 eBooks and supplementary materials that provide a well-rounded overview and understanding of physical activity, health and exercise science.
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DHV = Deutsche Hochschule für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer (German University of Administrative Sciences, Speyer)
Virtual special library of administrative sciences

Interdisciplinary database with access to the electronic journals and eBooks of the publishing house Elsevier.
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PsycINFO lists journal articles, books, book chapters, book reviews, research reports, case studies, etc. on psychology and related fields such as psychiatry, sociology, education, anthropology, pharmacology, physiology, criminology and linguistics, insofar as they are of interest to psychology.

OLC Psychologie
Contains essays and reviews on the field of psychology and similar disciplines like pedagogy

multilingual database with European focus on Psychology

Open Access document server for the subject of Psychology

Datenbank psychologischer und pädagogischer Testverfahren
Search for diagnostic materials in the testothek of Bielefeld University library


Fachportal Pädagogik
The FIS education literature database is the most comprehensive bibliographical database for education in the German-speaking area. It offers access to numerous electronic texts from all areas of education: a result of the cooperative collaboration of about 30 education-related teaching materials.

Web of Science
The database contains 55 million entries from the most important journals, conference proceedings and books in the natural, social and human sciences. (All titles are available as of 2004). 



Databases, digital text collections and electronic journals funded by the DFG.

The contents can also be found in the OPAC.


ACS Legacy Archives 1879-1995 Die ACS Legacy Archives ermöglichen die Volltextsuche und den direkten Zugriff auf alle ACS-Zeitschriftenausgaben, die zwischen 1879 und 1995 veröffentlicht wurden. Nutzungsbedingungen
Acta Sanctorum Database Die Acta Sanctorum gehören zu den wichtigsten Quellen
für die Erforschung von Gesellschaft und Kultur im frühchristlichen und mittelalterlichen Europa. Unser Wissen über diese Epoche stützt sich nahezu ausschließlich auf die hagiographische Literatur, insbesondere auf diese monumentale Textsammlung, die über einen Zeitraum von 300 Jahren von der Société des Bollandistes veröffentlicht wurde. Die Acta Sanctorum Datenbank enthält den gesamten Text der 68 gedruckten Bände.
AIP Digital Archive 1930-2010 Für die Physik und verwandte Fachgebiete sind die Veröffentlichungen des American Institute of Physics von zentraler Bedeutung und gehören zu den am häufigsten zitierten Zeitschriften des Fachgebietes.
Annual Reviews Electronic Back Volume Collection 1932-2006ff Annual Reviews publiziert ausschließlich 32 Sammelbände mit kritischen, wissenschaftlichen Abhandlungen, die den Stand der Forschung in speziellen Fachgebieten repräsentieren. Zum Editorial Board gehören anerkannte Wissenschaftler aus Stanford, der University of California, Princeton und Harvard. Das Archiv wird jährlich um einen Jahrgang ergänzt, so dass keine Lücke zwischen den Backfiles und laufenden Lizenzen entsteht. Nutzungsbedingungen
APS Digital Backfile Archive 1893-2003 Veröffentlichungen der American Physical Society Nutzungsbedingungen
Aristoteles Latinus Database Die Datenbank enthält die Texteditionen der gedruckten Aristoteles-Latinus-Reihe und wird laufend durch weitere Editionen angereichert. Der besondere Wert dieser elektronischen Ausgabe liegt u.a. darin, dass sie eine integrierte Datenbank aller mittelalterlichen Übersetzungen von Aristoteles' Werk darstellt. Die Texte werden vom Aristoteles Latinus Centre der Katholischen Universität von Löwen ediert. Nutzungsbedingungen
Berkeley Electronic Press Academic Journals Bepress veröffentlicht ca. 31 referierte E-Journals aus den Bereichen Wirtschafts-, Politik- und Rechtswissenschaften sowie dem STM-Bereich Nutzungsbedingungen
BIOSIS Previews 1926-2004 Das Angebot enthält:
1. Biological Abstracts Archive: Referenzen zu Artikeln aus rd. 5.000 Zeitschriften für den Zeitraum 1969-2004. Berücksichtigt sind die Fachgebiete Biologie, Botanik, Medizin, Pharmakologie, Mikrobiologie, Ökologie, Parasitologie, Toxikologie, Umweltwissenschaften. Eine umfassende und hochgradig systematisierte Sacherschließung bietet vielfältige Möglichkeiten für professionelle Recherchen.
2. BIOSIS Archive: Die rückwärtige Ergänzung bis 1926 enthält außer Nachweisen von Zeitschriftenaufsätzen auch solche zu Tagungsberichten, Büchern, Dissertationen und grauer Literatur. Sie umfasst mehr als 3,5 Millionen bibliographische Einträge, in der Regel mit Abstracts.
3. Upgrade des Biological Abstracts Archive auf BIOSIS Previews für die Jahre 1969-2004. Damit werden auch für diesen Zeitraum die Tagungsliteratur und Monographien ergänzt und die Menge der Daten um 55% erhöht.

Blackwell Publishing Journal Backfiles 1879-2005

239 Titel eines breiten fachlichen Spektrums Nutzungsbedingungen
British Periodicals Collection I & II Rund 80 populärwissenschaftliche und literarische britische Zeitschriften aus dem 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert Nutzungsbedingungen
Central and Eastern European Online Library C.E.E.O.L. enthält mehr als 300 Zeitschriften aus und über die Länder Ostmittel- und Südosteuropas im Volltext mit Schwerpunkt in den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften. Der überwiegende Teil der Zeitschriften ist wissenschaftlich, daneben stehen Kulturzeitschriften und politische Zeitschriften. Nutzungsbedingungen
China Academic Journals Volltext-Datenbank mit Zugriff auf Volltexte im PDF-Format wissenschaftlicher Zeitschriften der Jahre 1994ff.
Über den Host bei der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin werden folgende Serien angeboten:
Serie D; Code C-D Agrarwissenschaften
Serie E; Code C-E Medizin und Hygienewissenschaften
Serie F; Code C-F Literatur, Geschichte und Philosophie
Serie G; Code C-G Wirtschaft, Politik, Recht, Militärwesen
Serie H; Code C-H Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaften
Crystallography Journals Online Das Archiv der bedeutenden Fachgesellschaft International Union of Crystallography - IUCr Backfile Archive 1948-2001 - beinhaltet 10 bei IUCr von 1948 bis 2001 erschienene und elektronisch außergewöhnlich stark nachgefragte Zeitschriften. Nutzungsbedingungen
CSA Sozialwissenschaftliche Datenbanken 1915-2012 Referenzen und Abstracts u. a. zu Artikeln aus wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften und Reihen, Konferenzbänden, Büchern und Buchkapiteln, Rezensionen und Forschungsberichten in den Sozialwissenschaften. Neben der Soziologie und verwandten Gebieten werden auch die Politik-, Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften sowie Sozialwesen und Sozialarbeit abgedeckt. Nutzungsbedingungen
Dokumenty sovetskoj epochi - Komintern

Die Datenbank enthält ein vollständiges Verzeichnis der Bestände der Kominternarchive (55 Millionen Seiten) (ohne Subskription zugänglich) sowie ein laufend erweitertes Volltextarchiv der am häufigsten benutzten Dokumente als Grafikdateien.


Declassified Documents Reference System / DDRS Declassified Documents Reference System (DDRS) bietet Zugriff auf Dokumente, die von den US-Regierungsstellen freigegeben wurden. Die Datenbank enthält über 85.000 Dokumente mit einem Gesamtumfang von mehr als 525.000 Seiten. Nutzungsbedingungen
Deutschsprachige Frauenliteratur des 18. & 19. Jahrhunderts., Teil 1 und 2 Diese Sammlung enthält in 2 Teilen insgesamt über 220.000 Seiten aus 848 E-Books von Autorinnen des 19. Jahrhunderts. Nutzungsbedingungen
Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts Kombinierte Volltext- und Faksimiledatenbank mit über 1.500 Quellentexten von rund 325 protestantischen Autoren des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts Nutzungsbedingungen
Digital National Security Archive / DNSA Das Digital National Security Archive der U.S.A. ist die umfangreichste Sammlung wesentlicher Primärdokumente zur US-Außen- und Militärpolitik seit 1945. Nutzungsbedingungen
Early American Imprints : Evans 1639-1800 (Series I) / EAI I eine umfassende Sammlung digitalisierter Publikationen, die in Nordamerika von 1639-1800 erschienen sind Nutzungsbedingungen
Early English Books Online / EEBO Angefangen vom ersten Buch, das jemals in englischer
Sprache veröffentlicht wurde, bis hin zu Spenser und Shakespeare umfasst diese umfangreiche Sammlung im Jahre 2007 rd. 100.000 von 125.000 der in den Kurztitelkatalogen von Pollard & Redgrave (1475- 1640) und Wing (1641-1700) gelisteten Bücher im Volltext. Hinzu kommen die Titel der Thomason Tracts Sammlung (1640-1661) und das Early English Books Tract Supplement.
EBSCOhost eBook Collection (früher: NetLibrary) E-Books aus folgenden Fachgebieten:
Business and Economics
Science and Engineering
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Area Studies
Zusätzlich kann auf 3.400 E-Books aus sämtlichen Fachgebieten zugegriffen werden.
The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2008 Das Economist Historical Archive umfasst die vollständigen Inhalte aller Druckausgaben des „Economist“ aus den Jahren 1843 – 2006. Der „Economist“ ist die wichtigste internationale Wochenzeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Finanzpolitik. Die Artikel werden als Farbimages angeboten. Das Archiv ist mit einer Volltextsuche mit verschiedenen Indices ausgestattet. Es ermöglicht den Export des „Economic / Financial Indicator“ als Excel-Tabellen und hat eine Galerie der Titelbilder mit markierten Schlüsselthemen für jede Woche. Nutzungsbedingungen
Eighteenth Century Collections Online / ECCO Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) bietet Zugriff auf über 150.000 gedruckte Werke, die zwischen 1701 und 1800 im Vereinigten Königreich veröffentlicht wurden. Nutzungsbedingungen
EIU Country Reports Archive Die Datenbank der Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) bietet monatlich aktualisierte Länderberichte (Country Reports) von allen Staaten der Erde. Nutzungsbedingungen
Elsevier Journal Backfiles on ScienceDirect 1907-2002 Elsevier bietet sein Zeitschriftenarchiv in fachbezogenen Collections an. Die Nationallizenz wurde für rd. 1.450 singuläre Titel in 25 Collections abgeschlossen. Nutzungsbedingungen
Emerald Fulltext Archive Database -2010 Emerald Fulltext Archive Database (EFAD) weist Volltextartikel aus 206 Fachzeitschriften des Verlags Emerald vom jeweiligen Erscheinungsbeginn bis 2010 einschliesslich nach. Nutzungsbedingungen
English Language Women's Literature of the 18. & 19. Centuries Diese Sammlung enthält insgesamt 1.529 E-Books mit über 572.000 Seiten von 681 Buchtiteln, die von 311 Autorinnen geschrieben wurden. Diese wurden von 1.830 Büchern, die ursprünglich in der Zeitspanne 1776 – 1876 publiziert wurden, erstellt. Nutzungsbedingungen
Entscheidungssammlungen der Entscheidungen des Reichsgerichts in Zivilsachen (RGZ) und der Entscheidungen des Reichsgerichts in Strafsachen (RGSt) RGZ: 1880 - 1945
RGSt: 1880 - 1944
Europa Sacra Verzeichnis der zur römischen Kirche gehörenden Bistümer des Mittelalters sowie ihrer Würdenträger. Nutzungsbedingungen
Gerritsen Collection Die digitalisierte Sammlung der Physikerin und Frauenrechtlerin Aletta H. Jacobs ist die weltweit größte Volltextdatenbank zur Geschichte der Frauen und des Feminismus. Nutzungsbedingungen
Historical newspapers Guardian, Observer, New York Times, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times Nutzungsbedingungen
IOP Historic Archive 1874-2011 Zu den Veröffentlichungen des Institute of Physics gehören zentrale Zeitschriften der Physik, wie z.B.
Journal of Physics A-G
New Journal of Physics
Journal of Optics
Das Archiv beinhaltet die Volltexte von über 40 Zeitschriften ab 1874 bis 2011.
Library of Latin Texts / Series A Die Library of Latin Texts, hervorgegangen aus der Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts (CLCLT), stellt die umfassendste Sammlung lateinischer Texte dar. Die Datenbank enthält Texte von den Anfängen der lateinischen Literatur (Livius Andronicus, 240 v.Chr.) bis zum 2. Vatikanischen Konzil (1962-1965). Nutzungsbedingungen
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins LWW Legacy Archive Jg. 1 - 2004 Das Archiv enthält enthält 220 Zeitschriften aus dem Bereich der Medizin 2004 rückwärts bis Jahrgang 1, Ausgabe 1. Nutzungsbedingungen
Making of Modern Law : Legal Treatises 1800-1926 / MOML 1 The Making of Modern Law (MOML 1) ermöglicht umfassend die Erforschung des modernen Rechtswesen und seiner Entwicklung im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert. Mehr als 10 Millionen Seiten aus Werken amerikanischer und britischer Rechtsgeschichte, die zwischen 1800 und 1926 erschienen sind, können im Volltext recherchiert werden. Nutzungsbedingungen
Making of Modern World: economies, politics and industry Umfassende Sammlung ökonomischer Literatur von der zweiten Hälfte des 15. bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts, die vor allem für die Erforschung
der frühen Wirtschafts-, Politik- und
Sozialgeschichte - von Bedeutung ist.
Nature Archives 1869-2009 Das Angebot besteht aus den 4 Archivsegmenten der Volltexte der wöchentlich erscheinenden, multidisziplinären Zeitschrift Nature von 1869 bis 2009. Nutzungsbedingungen
North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories Die Sammlung umfaßt über 100.000 Seiten von Ego-Dokumenten (Briefe, Tagebücher, Pamphlete, Autobiographien), welche Berichte und Erfahrungen von Zeitgenossen zur Einwanderung in Nordamerika (USA, Kanada) dokumentierten. Nutzungsbedingungen
Oxford Journals Digital Archive 1849-2010 Oxford Journals gehört zur Oxford University Press, dem weltgrößten Universitätsverlag. Das Archiv umfasst ca. 150 singuläre Titel aus folgenden Teilbereichen:
Humanities (41 Titel)
Science (39 Titel)
Medicine (44 Titel)
Law (12 Titel)
Social Sciences (29 Titel)

Patrologia graeca

Faksimileausgabe der von Jacques-Paul Migne von 1857 bis 1866 in 161 Text- und vier Index-Bänden (Index Locupletissimus, 1928 und 1936 und Indices, 1912) herausgegebenen Patrologia Graeco-Latina. Nutzungsbedingungen
Periodicals Archive Online / PAO 1802-2000 Das Archiv enthält ca. 350 der insgesamt mehr als 4.600 im Periodicals Index Online indexierten geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften im Volltext. Nutzungsbedingungen
Periodicals Index Online / PIO 1739-2000 Dieser historische Zeitschriften-Index ermöglicht die bibliographische Recherche in mehr als 4.600 Zeitschriften aus den Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften unter einer Oberfläche. Nutzungsbedingungen

RSC Journals Super Archive 1841-2010

Archivdaten von über 60 Titeln aus zahlreichen Bereichen der Chemie

Nutzungsbedingungen Materials Science and Technology / Trans Tech Publications Archive Archiv von 14 Zeitschriften im Zeitraum 1984 bis zum Jahre 2018 bei Trans Tech Publications erschienenen und online verfügbaren Publikationen. Nutzungsbedingungen
Springer Online Journal Archives 1860-2002 Das Archiv enthält die Volltexte von über 1000
Zeitschriften des Springer-Verlages (einschließlich Kluwer), i.d.R. ab Volume 1 bis zum Jahr 2001.
Taylor & Francis Online Archives 1799-2000 Elektronisches Archiv der Taylor & Francis Group, u.a. 200 Zeitschriften Nutzungsbedingungen
Testaments to the Holocaust Diese digitale Sammlung enthält handschriftliche Aufzeichnungen und seltenes gedrucktes Material aus der Wiener Library in London, dem ältesten Holocaust-Museum der Welt. Nutzungsbedingungen
Thieme Zeitschriftenarchive 1980-2007 Volltextarchive von ausgewählten Zeitschriftentiteln aus den Fachbereichen Medizin, Chemie und Biologie des Thieme-Verlags Nutzungsbedingungen
The Times Digital Archive 1785-1900 / TDA Dank Volltextsuche und Sachklassifikation jedes einzelnen Artikels können Benutzer jede Ausgabe u.a. nach Stichwörtern im Titel oder Artikeltext, Autor und Sachkategorien durchsuchen. Nutzungsbedingungen
Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive 1902-2007 Das TLS Historical Archive umfasst im Volltext alle Hefte des Times Literary Supplement von der ersten Nummer aus dem Jahre 1902 bis ins Jahr 2005 und stellt ein Panorama der Werke bedeutender Schriftsteller und Denker in diesem Zeitraum dar. Es enthält darüber hinaus Rezensionen aus den Bereichen Theater, Kino, Musik und Ausstellungen. Nutzungsbedingungen
Twentieth Century North American Drama Enthält 2000
Theaterstücke aus den Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada in
Volltextform, davon 550 bisher unveröffentlichte Stücke.
Ut per litteras Apostolicas Die Datenbank enthält die Papstbriefe des 13. und 14. Jahrhunderts als elektronische Ausgabe. Nutzungsbedingungen
Wales related fiction of the Romantic Period Diese Sammlung enthält auf über 35.000 Seiten englischsprachige Nationalliteratur aus 116 Büchern, die ursprünglich in der Zeitspanne 1789 – 1834 publiziert wurden. Nutzungsbedingungen
Walter de Gruyter Online Zeitschriften Elektronisch verfügbare Backfiles des Verlags Walter de Gruyter (57 Titel zu einem breiten Fächerspektrum) Nutzungsbedingungen
Wiley InterScience Backfile Collections 1832-2005 Das Angebot besteht aus 250 Titeln in 21 Backfile-Collections. Nutzungsbedingungen


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    With around 4,000 industry reports worldwide, the IBISWorld database offers detailed market analyses for Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, China as well as important global markets.
    Each report contains both quantitative and qualitative trend analyses on industry-specific key statistics, operational conditions, product and market segments and the competitive environment including major industry players.
    Key external drivers and other industry drivers are incorporated into IBISWorld's exclusive five-year industry outlook.
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  • Deggendorfer Zeitung
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  • Frankfurter Allgemeine
  • Handelsblatt
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung
  • Die Zeit

Printed magazines

These can be found in the DIT library in Deggendorf:


QA 35100



QA 35460.1



IA 1260



SQ 8006.1

Admin : Linux-Magazin / Sonderheft

2008,4-2014,4; Vorg.: Linux-Magazin / Sonderheft; Aufgeg. in IT-Administrator

QA 53035.1

AHGZ spezial (Beilage)


UA 1850

American journal of physics


ZG 1150



SQ 8395



ZG 1403.5



ZG 1408

Asphalt & Bitumen 2017-

QA 22727



ZG 3020


2009,10-2018,5; Nachfolger: atp magazin; Vorg.: Automatisierungstechnische Praxis

ZG 3020

atp magazin 2018,6-; Vorg.: Atp-Edition

ZG 1411.1



ZG 3010



ZG 3020

Automatisierungstechnische Praxis atp

1985-90; 1992-93; 1999-2009,9; Nachfolger: Atp-Edition

ZG 1411

Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift ATZ

1955-1964; 1976-1994

AZ 10917


Nur lfd. Jg. vorh.


QA 23410


2006,9-2008,6; Vorg.: BI

QA 23410

Bankinformation und Genossenschaftsforum

1996-2002,4; Nachfolger: BI

ZG 1516

Bauen im Bestand

2010,2-2020; Vorg.: Bautenschutz, Bausanierung

ZG 1438

Bauen mit Holz

1995-2000; 2005-

ZG 1513.1

Bauen mit Textilien


ZG 1770

Bauhandwerk 2012-2016

ZG 1497



ZG 1470



ZG 1480



ZG 1511


1993; 1997

ZG 1513



ZG 1516

Bautenschutz, Bausanierung

2000-2010,1; Nachfolger: Bauen im Bestand

ZG 1526



AL 33200 B353 Bavarian journal of applied sciences 2015-

ZH 3850 B552



QA 35250

Beschaffung aktuell


QA 35300


2010-2016; Nachfolger: Procure Swiss Magazin

ZG 1533


1971; 1973-1996; 2001-2020

ZG 1534

Beton- und Stahlbetonbau

1978-92; 1995-

QA 15250



QA 15330

Betriebswirtschaftliche Blätter

1995-2005; 2007-2012

QA 15350

Betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis BfuP

1980-87; 1994-

ZX 1860

Bewegungstherapie und Gesundheitssport


QA 25270.9

Bewertungs-Praktiker (Beilage) 2010-2018

QA 23410


2002,5-2006,8; Vorg.: Bankinformation und Genossenschaftsforum; Nachfolger: Bankinformation

QA 20235

Bilanz & Buchhaltung


DA 3097

Bildungspraxis 2017-

QA 29002

Bm Bank und Markt + Technik


ZG 6110



ZG 1546.1

Brandschutz in öffentlichen und privat-wirtschaftlichen Gebäuden


ZG 1547

Brennstoff, Wärme, Kraft : BWK

1978-1990; 1992-1993

ZG 3085

Building & Automation 2018,4-2020

PB 1900


1949-1993 (Geschenk)

QA 40500

Bundessteuerblatt Ausgabe A

1987-1993; 2014-

SQ 1095

Business & information systems engineering

2015-; Vorg.: Wirtschaftsinformatik

QA 95200

Business Spotlight



SQ 2286.1

c't digitale Fotografie


SQ 2286.1 C't Fotografie 2020-

SQ 2286

c't Magazin für Computertechnik


ZG 1586


2005-2012,10; Nachfolger: PLM-IT-Report

UA 3483

CERN courier


SQ 2350



AP 10226

Computer arts


SQ 1100



QA 15717



QA 20600

Controlling & Management

2003-2012; Vorg.: Kostenrechnungspraxis; Nachfolger: Controlling & management review

QA 20600

Controlling & management review

2013-; Vorg.: Controlling & Management



Nur lfd. u. letzten 2 Jg. vorh.


ZG 1780

Dach + Holzbau 2013-2015

XA 66150

Das Gesundheitswesen


QA 14170

Das Wirtschaftsstudium


QA 17030

Datenverarbeitung, Steuer, Wirtschaft, Recht

1990-93; 1995-2006,8

ZG 1464

Der Bauingenieur

1975-1981; 1983-1989; 1995-

QA 15200

Der Betrieb


ZG 1613

Der Eisenbahningenieur


MN 6350

Der Rotarier

1993,8-1998,11 Geschenk

SQ 4487

Design & Elektronik


AP 10224



ZG 1750


1990; 1992-2020

GA 2854

Deutsch perfekt


GA 2854.1

Deutsch perfekt plus


ZG 1590

Deutsche Bauzeitung


QA 24652.1

Deutsche Bundesbank: Bankenstatistik


QA 24652.3a

Deutsche Bundesbank: Bestandserhebung über Direktinvestitionen


QA 24652.5

Deutsche Bundesbank: Devisenkursstatistik


QA 24652.9

Deutsche Bundesbank: Finanzstabilitätsbericht


QA 24652.2

Deutsche Bundesbank: Kapitalmarktstatistik


QA 24650

Deutsche Bundesbank: Monatsbericht


QA 24652.4

Deutsche Bundesbank: Saisonbereinigte Wirtschaftszahlen


QA 24652.7

Deutsche Bundesbank: Technologische Dienstleistungen in der Zahlungsbilanz

2004-2008; 2011

QA 24652.6

Deutsche Bundesbank: Zahlungsbilanz nach Regionen


QA 24652.3

Deutsche Bundesbank: Zahlungsbilanzstatistik


ZG 6240

Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik: Mitteilungen


QA 41000

Deutsches Steuerrecht DStR


XA 1600

Deutsches Turnen


ZG 6240



DA 3087



QA 23300

Die Bank


XA 67236

Die Schwester der Pfleger 2018-

QA 58744

Die Welt der Arbeit / World of work


AP 10225

Digital production


ZG 1585.27



QA 35460



SQ 8250



XA 66100

Dr. med. Mabuse


AP 10221

3D world


QA 41001

DStR Entscheidungsdienst


AZ 31350 DUZ: Magazin für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft 2019-

SQ 4532



QA 46350



IA 4291.7

Ecos de Espana y Latinoamerica


IA 4294



ZG 1611.2



ZG 1680

Electronic design


ZG 1726



ZG 1773


2005-2018,6; Nachfolger: Elektorlabs magazin

ZG 1773 Elektor mag 2020- ; Vorg.: Elektorlabs magazin

ZG 1773

Elektorlabs magazin 2018,7-2019; Vorg.: Elektor; Nachfolger: Elektor mag

ZG 1774



ZG 1775



ZG 1885

Energie-, Wasser-Praxis

2006,1-6, 9-11; 2007,1, 5, 7-10; 2008-

HC 4250




Ernst & Sohn Special


QA 63400

Europäische Zentralbank: Monatsbericht


UA 3855

European journal of physics


QA 52936


2007,3-2014,1; Vorg.: RAG-Magazin; Nachfolger: Das Unternehmensmagazin


ZG 1942

F & M

2000-2001; Nachfolger: F-&-M-Mechatronik

ZG 1942


2002-2003; Vorg.: F & M; Nachfolger: Mechatronik F & M

QA 51825



ZH 7250 S413

Fassade : Beilage zum Schweizer Energiefachbuch

1998; 2000-2004; 2006-

ZG 1946



AP 40590

Film News Bayern


AP 40662

Film & TV Kamera 2018-; Vorg.: Film & TV, Kameramann

AP 40662

Film & TV, Kameramann

2003-2017; Nachfolger: Film & TV Kamera

AP 90105

Fine art printer

2006; 2007,2-2010,1

AZ 45380


Nur lfd. Jg. vorh.

ZG 1980

Form + Werkzeug

2001-2004; Beil. zu F & M und Kunststoffe

AZ 31961

Forschung & Lehre


ZG 1972.78

Fraunhofer 2019,3-; Vorg.: Weiter vorn

ZG 1972.78


1997-2009,1; Nachfolger: Weiter vorn

ZG 1970



QA 51040



QA 51040 Fvw, TravelTalk



QA 51530



ZG 2140

Gebäudetechnik, Innenraumklima : GI

2013-2015; Vorg.: Gesundheits-Ingenieur : GI; Nachfolger: Gebäudetechnik in Wissenschaft & Praxis : GI

ZG 2140 Gebäudetechnik in Wissenschaft & Praxis : GI 2016-2019; Vorg.: Gebäudetechnik, Innenraumklima : GI

QA 25348

Geldinstitute: GI


PM 4050

Gemeindekasse Bayern


QA 23540


1996-2005; Nachfolger: Profil

ZG 2095


1978-2003,2; 2011,2-

ZG 2140

Gesundheits-Ingenieur : GI

1995-2012; Nachfolger: Gebäudetechnik, Innenraumklima : GI

QA 35900

GfK marketing intelligence review

2009-2018,1; Vorg.: Jahrbuch der Absatz- und Verbrauchsforschung; Nachfolger: Marketing intelligence review

ZG 2103


1952-75; 78-84; 86

AR 10485



QA 51080




QA 36250

Handel im Fokus


QA 16220

Harvard business manager

1980-91; 1995-

QA 16354


2002,2; 2003-2016

ZG 2179



QA 53035.2

HotelDesign (Beilage) 2013-

QA 53035

Hotelier (Beilage)

2004-; Vorg.: NGZ - der Hotelier

QA 53035.3

Housekeeping (Beilage) 2015-
 QA 26500 Human resources manager  2011-2014; lückenhaft

SQ 7070

IBM journal of research and development


QA 41750

IDW Life 2018,7-2019,2

MN 2000



ZG 1596

Industrial Production

2020,9 -

SQ 1545



MA 4000

Informationen zur politischen Bildung

H.242-; lückenhaft

QA 18310

Innovative Verwaltung


PG 157

Insolvenz & Vollstreckung

1996-1999 abbestellt

QA 16533.3

International journal of entrepreneurship education


QA 52505

Internationale Seilbahnrundschau ISR


QA 52450

Internationales Verkehrswesen


SQ 7530



QA 16500


1994-2001,9; 2011; Nachfolger: New management; Vorg.: Management-Zeitschrift

QA 16500

IO new management

2003,7/8-2010; Vorg.: New Management; Nachfolger: IO-Management

SQ 8006.1



SQ 7752




QA 35900

Jahrbuch der Absatz- und Verbrauchsforschung

1995-2008; Nachfolger: GfK marketing intelligence review

BA 1907.2



UA 1260

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

1958-1986; 1988-2009,2

QA 16739

Journal of performance management


AP 20501



XA 67300



AZ 18370

Junge Wissenschaft



ZG 2493

KA-Betriebs-Info (Beilage zu KA)


QA 29002

Karten (Beilage zu Bm)


ZG 2493

Korrespondenz Abwasser KA


QA 20600

Kostenrechnungs-Praxis KRP

1993-2002; Nachfolger: Controlling & Management

ZG 2480




ZG 2495.9


2000-2001; Nachfolger: Photonik

ZX 2370



MN 2100

Leviathan 2018-

SQ 8006



SQ 8006.1

Linux-Magazin / Sonderheft

2008,1-2008,3; Nachfolger: Admin

SQ 8005

Linux user


QA 52936 Das Magazin 2017,2-3; Vorg.: Das Unternehmensmagazin

QA 83260.1


2010-2013; Nachfolger: MAN-Magazin

QA 83260.1


2014-2015; Vorg.: MAN-Forum

QA 16500


1987; 1990-1993; Nachfolger: IO-Management

QA 57807



QA 57809


2006-2007; 2009,4-2012,5

QA 36340



QA 35900

Marketing intelligence review 2018,2-; Vorg.: GfK marketing intelligence review

ZG 2589



ZG 1942

Mechatronik F & M

2004-2008,9; Vorg.: F-&-M-Mechatronik; Nachfolger: Mechatronik

ZG 1942



AP 10790.3

Message; auch als Online-Version


TA 7530 MIT Technology Review 2021,4-; Vorg.: Technology review

ZG 2652

Moderne Gebäudetechnik

1998,10-2007; Vorg.: Stadt- und Gebäudetechnik

ZG 2750

Motortechnische Zeitschrift MTZ

1958-95; 1999-


ZG 1930

Netzpraxis 2018,9-2020

PA 5600

Neue juristische Wochenschrift NJW

1950-93; 1995-

PA 5601.1

Neue juristische Wochenschrift / NJW-Spezial


PF 127

Neue Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht NZA


QA 16500

New management

2001,10-2003,6; Vorg.: IO-Management; Nachfolger: IO new management

ZG 3040

Next / Deutsche Ausgabe

2015-2016; Vorg.: Technicity

QA 53035

NGZ - der Hotelier (Beilage)

2000-2003; Nachfolger: Der Hotelier

QA 92871

Niederbayerische Wirtschaft


XA 67220



ZG 2730



PG 188

NZI - Neue Zeitschrift für das Recht der Insolvenz und Sanierung



QA 17420



QA 67975.8

OR news

2002,15-2005,23; 2005,25


XA 67240

PADUA : die Fachzeitschrift für Pflegepädagogik


XA 66300

Pädagogik der Gesundheitsberufe


AP 10799



QA 17427.3

Performance improvement


QA 17427.5

Performance improvement quarterly


QA 57850


1995-2011,9; Nachfolger: Personal quarterly

QA 58253



QA 29600



QA 57850

Personal quarterly

2011,10-; Vorg.: Personal

QA 58255


1991-1993; 2000-

XA 67100



XA 10200

Pflege in Bayern


XA 67248

Pflege & Gesellschaft


XA 67200

Pflegen: Demenz

2014; 2017-

XA 67244



ZG 2780



ZG 2495.9


2002-2020,6; Vorg.: LaserOpto

UA 6720

Physik in unserer Zeit


UA 6800

Physikalische Blätter

1985-2001; Nachfolger: Physik-Journal

UA 6800


2002-; Vorg.: Physikalische Blätter

QA 52460

Planerin : Mitgliederfachzeitschrift für Stadt-, Regional- und Landesplanung


ZG 1586


2012-2016; Vorg.: CAD-CAM-Report; Nachfolger: Smart engineering

ZX 1870

Prävention und Rehabilitation


AN 12072

Print process


QA 35300 Procure Swiss Magazin 2017-2019; Vorg.: Beschaffungsmanagement

AP 10223

Production partner


QA 23540


2006-2017; ab 2017 online siehe EZB; Vorg.: Genossenschaftsblatt

QA 32150



XA 70859

Psychiatrische Pflege


XA 85040

PT Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten



QA 68000

Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit : QZ



QA 52936


2005-2007,2; Nachfolger: Evonik-Magazin

QA 85936



QA 24368

Results / Deutsche Bank


QA 27420


2009-2018,2; ab 2018,3 nur noch als Online-Ausgabe

QA 27410

Risk, compliance & audit

2009,1; 2009,5-6; 2010,2-6; 2011; 2012,1

QA 52930

Rolling pin international, ab 2004 nur online:



PF 114

Sammlung arbeitsrechtlicher Entscheidungen (Beilage) 2012-2013

XA 80000

Schmerz und Schmerzmanagement


ZG 1596

Scope 2018,5 - 2020,6; Aufgegangen in: Industrial Production

ZG 1100



ZG 1586 Smart engineering 2017-2018,2; Aufgegangen in: Scope; Vorg.: PLM-IT-Report

SQ 5485



UA 7950

Solar energy

1997-2003,2 (mit Lücken)

ZG 3087

Sonne, Wind & Wärme

2000-2018,6; Teilweise aufgegangen in: Building & Automation und teilweise aufgegangen in: Netzpraxis

ZG 3087

Sonne, Wind & Wärme / News (= Beilage)


ZG 3087

Sonnenenergie & Wärmetechnik / News (= Beilage)

1997-1999 Titeländerung

ZG 3087

Sonnenenergie und Wärmetechnik (= Beilage)

1997-1999 Titeländerung

ZG 3086



ZG 1950

Sound & Recording


MN 1000

Sozialer Fortschritt


QA 27700


1995,2-2005; 2008-2012

TA 7423

Spektrum der Wissenschaft


AZ 55501


Nur lfd. Jg. vorh.

HC 6915



ZG 3093


1999-2007,2, sehr lückenhaft

ZG 2652

Stadt- und Gebäudetechnik

1961-1998,9; Nachfolger: Moderne Gebäudetechnik

ZG 3114

Stahl und Eisen


ZG 3118


1928-1944; 1950; 1952-1989; 1996-

ZG 1508.2



AZ 55727


Nur lfd. Jg. vorh.

QA 53035.5

Steuern spezial (Beilage) 2019-

ZG 1350

Straße + Autobahn

1980-1992; 1999-


ZG 3040


2010-2013; Nachfolger: Next / Deutsche Ausgabe

TA 7530

Technology review

2008-2021,3; Nachfolger: MIT Technology review

QA 53064



QA 53035.4

Top 100 (Beilage) 2018

QA 58270

Tourism watch


QA 58260

Touristik aktuell


QA 54400

Transfer, Werbeforschung & Praxis


QA 53066.4

Travel one


AZ 36510 TRIOLOG 2019-

ZG 3485

Unfallversicherung aktuell


QA 18233



QA 52936

Das Unternehmensmagazin

2014,2-2017,1; Vorg.: Evonik-Magazin; Nachfolger: Das Magazin

QA 57815



XA 10100

Unterricht Pflege (mit Beilage: Grundlagen der Pflege für dieAus-, Fort- und Weiterbildung)



ZG 3510

VDI-Z 2019,7-; Vorg.: VDI-Z integrierte Produktion

ZG 3510

VDI-Z integrierte Produktion

2001,7/8- 2019,6; Nachfolger: VDI-Z

QA 27986



QA 61950




ZG 5220

Wasser und Abfall


ZG 5220

Wasser & Boden

1998-2003,7/8; Aufgegangen in: Wasser und Abfall

SQ 9817

Website boosting


ZG 1972.78

Weiter vorn

2009,2-2019,2; Vorg.: Fraunhofer-Magazin; Nachfolger: Fraunhofer

QA 58744

Welt der Arbeit


QA 36840

Werben und verkaufen


ZG 3650



QA 17786

Wirtschaft und Management


QA 36730

Wirtschaft + Weiterbildung


SQ 1095


2000-2014; Nachfolger: Business & information systems engineering

QA 44150

Wirtschaftsprüfung : WPg


QA 14220

Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium


QA 48950


Nur lfd. u. letzte 2 Jg. vorh.

PM 9290



ZG 3694



QA 98152



 ZG 1790

Xia : intelligente Architektur


Noch keine Zeitschrift(en) vorhanden!


QA 18700

Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation ZfO


PM 9390

Zeitschrift für Beamtenrecht ZBR


QA 18500

Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft ZfB


QA 29000

Zeitschrift für das gesamte Kreditwesen


QA 17011

Zeitschrift für Management ZfM


ZG 3910

Zeitschrift für Metallkunde


QA 58840

Zeitschrift für Personalforschung


PA 7730

Zeitschrift für Rechtspolitik


ZX 2506

Zeitschrift für Sportpsychologie


QA 58258

Zeitschrift für Tourismuswissenschaft : TW


CL 9180

Zeitschrift für Transaktionsanalyse ZTA


QA 62100

Zeitschrift für Versicherungswesen


QA 99500

Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik


QA 17901

Zfbf Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung

1979-88; 1991-92; 1994-2001

QA 44270

Zeitschrift Interne Revision ZIR


ZG 1445

Zuschnitt 2018,71-

Library Introduction Courses

For Freshers

General library introduction and OPAC research:

Library introduction courses:

Registration via iLearn:

For papers, bachelor thesis, master thesis 

Introduction to databases and interlibrary loan; literature management, knowledge organisation and task planning with Citavi (registration via iLearn).

Fixed dates and registration 
via iLearn: Database introduction

For courses at the request of professors and lecturers

Introduction to databases and interlibrary loan with practical exercises (integrated in courses)
Registration by mail to the following mail address:

Interlibrary Loan


Literature that isn't available from the DIT library can be borrowed from another library.

The DIT library is networked with other German libraries, regulations can be read here: Leihverkehrsordnung (LVO) vom 19.09.2003 (Fassung vom 10.10.2008).


How Interlibrary Loan Works

You can order books as well as book chapters or articles from journals.

Your online account will allow you to borrow 7 items simultaneously, although the maximum number of interlibrary books is capped at 12.

Further orders are possible as soon as orders have arrived.

The follwing items not available for interlibrary lending are::

  • Items available at in the DIT library
  • Items that can bought for a low price, less than 15 Euros
  • Papers and magazines
  • Bachelor dissertations from other universities
  • Books and media for hobbies and pastimes, which can be found in Deggendorf public library



Generally free, except orders for items from another country:

  • 1 - 40 pages  1,50 Euros
  • 41 - 60 pages > 6 Euros
  • 61 - 80 pages > 8 Euros
  • Further 20 pages > additional 2 Euros


How to Borrow a Book from the Interlibrary Service

Please check each title before ordering at the OPAC. Only literature that is not available in the DIT library can be lent.
The order is placed through the OPAC: Interlibrary loan - how to order

Delivery Times

If you have saved your email address in the library account, you will receive a notification when an interlibrary loan arrives. Delivery usually takes 4-5 working days, for articles 1-3 days. The items are ready for collection at the counter by the loan period.
All conditions of use are determined by the owning library and can be very different. They can be found in the data medium inside the book.


Loan Extension

  • Via the DIT librarian
  • Please send a mail to, at least 3 days before the end of the loan period
  • You will only receive mail feedback if your request is turned down
  • You can find a new loan period in your user account (via OPAC or self-booking)
  • Please note that interlibrary loan services are subject to reservation, i.e. users are required to return them as soon as a book is reclaimed from the owning library



  • The end of the loan period is on the data carrier and can be viewed in the user account (via OPAC or self-booking)
  • If your email address is stored in the account, you will be reminded of the return date about 3 days prior to the deadline
  • Please keep in mind that the loan period must also be observed if an application for extension is rejected
  • The interlibrary loan books come with a data carrier with all the important information that should be returned with  it. Otherwise a fee of € 5 is charged


Literature Management (Citavi)

In order to use the campus license, students and employees of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology can create a Citavi account for their university account using the user ID. To do so, select the registration via "Meine Hochschule":

Computer Science Manuals

In cooperation with the Leibniz University IT Services LUIS , the DIT library offers various computer science documents for purchase.

These manuals cover a wide variety of topics from the areas of IT basics, user software, programming languages, operating systems or network services.

They are e.g. reprints of books from the publishers Herdt-Verlag or of lecture notes that are made available by professors. The manuals are suitable both as teaching material and for self-study.




An active library account is required.

Since a low cost of approx. € 3-4 per title is charged, they are only allowed for DIT students and staff for personal use.
Passing on to other groups of people (schools, companies, private individuals ...) is prohibited.

All publications are protected by copyright. All rights reserved.




Liste óf available manuals

Order via iLearn

Please only contact the DIT library with your order requests (see description below) and refrain from inquiries to LUIS.

See iLearn: Bestellung IT-Handbücher (LUIS) – E-Book

Enquiries & Contact


You are free to choose how you want to acquire the basic information on library use:

  • We recommend attending a library training session. You can find our schedule the possibility to book in iLearn (DEG / ECRI). During this training you can activate your user account.
  • Alternatively, you can read our guidelines on how to use the library on your own. All important information can be found on our website.


You are looking for literature for a paper or for your bachelor/master thesis?

For this we offer an introduction to databases and interlibrary loan. Please register via iLearn (see module 3).


All other enquiries

If you have any questions, you can reach us during opening hours:

PO Box Address:
Deggendorf Institute of Technology
PO Box 13 20
94453 Deggendorf

Technischen Hochschule Deggendorf
Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1
94469 Deggendorf

ECRI Address:
European Campus Rottal-Inn
Max-Breiherr-Straße 32
84347 Pfarrkirchen