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Part-time Studies at DIT


Tax Benefits.

Participants' Advantages.

How to Apply

You have informed yourself about our Bachelor and Master programmes and our academic certificates? Are there any questions left unanswered or would you like to apply directly? No problem!

In this section we have collected all important information about our offer, the application process and many other helpful tips.

For example, you can request information material on both the individual degree programs and our university certificate courses quickly and free of charge.

In addition, participants report on their experiences with their studies and the resulting professional advantages.

In a FAQ we clarify the most frequent questions and answers of students and participants of our university certificate courses.

Scholarships & tax advantages provide you with an overview of funding and support options.

And of course you can also apply directly to one of our offers.


Further information will follow shortly

Tax Benefits

If you are studying while working, you will incur costs which you can deduct from your tax as income-related expenses. The possibilities include the following:

  •     Tuition fees
  •     books, technical literature
  •     travel and accommodation costs
  •     Learning utensils (pens, pads, office supplies)

Please contact representatives of the tax consulting professions about the individual possibilities of deductible income-related expenses within the framework of a part-time study programme.

Participant Benefits

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