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Der Technologiecampus Teisnach Sensorik ist eine Forschungseinrichtung der Technischen Hochschule Deggendorf (THD) und bündelt das Know-how der THD im Bereich der Sensorintegration in bestehende Maschinen und Anlagen, der Entwicklung neuer Sensorkonzepte für industrielle Anwendungen, sowie der Forschung im Bereich neuer Sensormaterialien und Anwendungen.



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About the TC Teisnach Sensor Technology

The Technology Campus Teisnach II was officially opened in August 2019. The transfer of worldwide research results to local companies and local networks is part of the tasks of local industry at the Technology Campus Teisnach. The campus sees itself as a worldwide collaborative partner for research and development in the field of sensor applications (sensor integration and new materials for sensor technology).

Our vision is to increase the competitiveness of domestic companies through technology transfer. Network nodes in the field of sensor application, integration of sensors in ongoing production and new material development in sensor technology.






Strategy and alignment

At the Technology Campus Teisnach Sensorik für Industrie 4.0, new sensor materials (basic research) and the development of adaptive assembly and connection techniques for sensors for use in industrial applications are carried out.

In addition, the development of integration possibilities for existing sensor systems in running production plants to improve quality and reduce costs is a mainstay of the research facility of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.




The Technology Campus Teisnach cooperates regionally with partners from industry and education. In addition, there are numerous cooperation partners in our research projects of the individual working groups.


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