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Computed tomography in metrology (CTMT)

The Fraunhofer Application Center CT in Metrology (CTMT) at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) in Lower Bavaria is a branch directly affiliated with the Fraunhofer Development Center X-ray Technology (EZRT) and is this part of one of the largest research facilities for X-ray technology worldwide.

Especially in the areas of application and further development of industrial X-ray computed tomography (CT), Deggendorf can now draw on a wealth of experience of almost 10 years. This includes innovative industrial services (CT measurement technology, non-destructive material testing, defect and damage analyses) as well as application-oriented collaborative and contract research.

The connection to the Fraunhofer EZRT also offers access to further high-performance CT systems and resources.

The main tasks of the scientists at the application centre include research work in the field of CT metrology, the implementation of industrial projects and the practical training of future engineers at DIT in the context of lectures, internships and theses or employments as student assistants.

Key Competences

The key competences of the Fraunhofer Application Center CT in Metrology (CTMT) lie not only in special machine construction and system and plant control, but also in metrology, robotics, image processing and AI as well as in the implementation of innovative measurement services.


System and Plant Control


Innovative Measurement Service

Special Machine Construction


Metrology, Robotics, Image Processing and AI

Research Areas


The research interest of the Fraunhofer Application Center CT in Metrology (CTMT) focuses on the following aspects related to CT:

  • CT for retail
  • Innovative robotic CT for large objects
  • CT in metrology and geometry calibration
  • Condition detection of batteries and cells using CT analysis
  • AI for the automatic evaluation of CT scans
  • CT in industry 4.0
  • Fast automated CT systems
  • CT automation

Research Projects