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Study with a Disability.

Information and Counselling

It is important to obtain comprehensive information about study opportunities, study conditions, career prospects, financing issues and the situation at the place of study as early as possible. Several contact persons are available for this purpose.

If you are interested in studying at our university, we recommend that you get in touch with the Representative for Disabled Students. You can discuss all questions and problems with him or her and then look for individual solutions together and, if necessary, take the necessary measures.


DIT's representative for the interests of students with disabilities/chronic illness

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology strives to enable students with disabilities or chronic illness to participate in university life as freely as possible. If you have any questions from applicants or students with disabilities or chronic illness, please contact Heiko Ranzinger, the representative for the disabled.

He is familiar with the study situation at the university and can support you in clarifying important questions. This concerns, for example, the accessibility of the university buildings or the possibilities to compensate for disability-related disadvantages in studies and examinations.


The Deggendorf Institute of Technology takes care to ensure barrier-free and disabled-friendly access to the university buildings in all new construction and renovation projects.
For prospective students with physical disabilities, we offer, in addition to personal advice, a visit to the premises of the respective course of study as well as other important locations (e.g. library, computer centre, canteen, toilets). This allows you to see for yourself whether the buildings and facilities are suitable for your needs. Individual solutions can also be worked out in cooperation with the administration.

Please make an appointment with the university's representative for the disabled. If necessary, we will also support you in applying for other aids (e.g. sign language interpreter, technical aids).


For further information, please contact Heiko Ranzinger.