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There are two megatrends in the broad field of digitalisation: artificial intelligence and the security of digital systems. IT courses of study offer great potential on the future job market, e.g. to contain potential dangers arising from the use of digital processes, as in the "Cyber Security" course of study, or a Bachelor's degree with the title "Artificial Intelligence", which stands out among German courses of study. But even with tried and tested courses of study such as Applied Computer Science, Business Informatics or Internet of Things, students can choose from countless job offers and help shape digital change.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Garmann, Faculty Dean


The laboratories of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology offer the best technical equipment and the basis for an up-to-date and practical engineering education.

Modern technology according to industrial standards makes it possible to deepen the knowledge acquired in the lectures in all phases of the course.

In addition, the laboratories form the basis for numerous research and development projects of DIT and thus offer students a variety of opportunities for bachelor theses and master projects.


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Recognitions of competencies, study and examination achievements for modules of a study programmes in the Faculty of Applied Computer Science.

This process regulates the application of §4 of the General Study and Examination Regulations APO of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

1) Recognition of achievements already achieved:

In the first semester in which you are enrolled in this degree programme, you can submit a (!) joint application to have your competencies, study and to have examination achievements acquired at other universities, other degree programmes of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology or at non-university institutions credited. Such an application must be submitted no later than on the last day of lectures of this semester in accordance with §4 Abs.4 S.2 of the APO. The Application must be completed for the entire course of study. Later applications are not possible and will be rejected.

2) Recognition of achievements yet to be achieved:

Applications prior to a semester abroad (internal learning agreement) or alternative modules of the Virtual University of Bavaria must be submitted in good time before the planned acquisition of credits. The internal Learning Agreement ensures that upon return from abroad the achievements achieved there are recognised.
It must be applied before or at the same time as the application for the external Learning Agreement.

The further procedure is the same for both cases 1) and 2):

  1. 1. An application form AntragModulanerkenungenAI.pdf has to be filled in and signed

The file with the signature (also scanned) is named AntragModulanerkennungen-<name>-<first name>-<subject abbreviation>.pdf, replace <name> with the surname, <first name> with the first name and <subject abbreviation> according to the following list

  • AI-B for Applied Computer Science (Bachelor)
  • AI-M for Applied Computer Science (Master)
  • IAS-B for Interactive Systems
  • CY-B for Cyber Security (Bachelor!)
  • CS for Cyber Security (part-time - Master!)
  • KI-B for Artificial Intelligence (Bachelor!)
  • KI-B-Q for Artificial Intelligence (lateral entry - Bachelor!)
  • KI-M for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (Master)
  • LSI for Life Science Informatics
  • WI-B for Information Systems (Bachelor)
  • WI-B-bb for Information Systems WiDas (part-time - Bachelor!)
  • WI-M for Information Systems (Master)

If recognition of more than 7 modules is requested, a second page must be inserted.

  1. 2. A PDF document must be created for each module to be recognised.
  2. The first page consists of the completed and signed file AnlageModulanerkennungenAI.pdf
    All evidence must then be incorporated into this PDF document, with explanations where necessary.  Without complete supporting documents, the application cannot be can be treated. If it is not presented in this form, it will not be treated. The lecturer is responsible for the recognition, the in the semester in which the application is submitted, this module to be recognised is taught by the lecturer who taught this module for the last time. If there are several Lecturers are the responsibility of the module representative.  According to the RaPO, recognition is generally only possible if there is no services were provided.
    Each signed file is named Anlage-<lfd. number>modular acknowledgements-<name>->first name>->study subject abbreviation>.pdf where the <lfd. number> corresponds to the number in the application.
  1. 3. If the recognition of n modules (n = 1, 2, 3, ...) is requested, these n + 1 PDF documents must be sent to the e-mail addresses of the ticket system given below to send: