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There are two megatrends in the broad field of digitization: artificial intelligence and the security of digital systems. IT courses of study offer great potential on the future job market, e.g. to contain potential dangers arising from the use of digital processes, as in the "Cyber Security" course of study, or a Bachelor's degree with the title "Artificial Intelligence", which stands out among German courses of study. But even with tried and tested courses of study such as Applied Computer Science, Business Informatics or Internet of Things, students can choose from countless job offers and help shape digital change.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Garmann (Dekan der Fakultät Angewandte Informatik)


The laboratories of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology offer the best technical equipment and the basis for an up-to-date and practical engineering education.

Modern technology according to industrial standards makes it possible to deepen the knowledge acquired in the lectures in all phases of the course.

In addition, the laboratories form the basis for numerous research and development projects of DIT and thus offer students a variety of opportunities for bachelor theses and master projects.


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  •     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Udo Garmann


Vice Dean

  •     Prof. Dr. Georg Herde


Dean of Studies

  •     Prof. Dr. Peter Jüttner


Women's/Equal Opportunities Officer

  •     Prof. Dr. Terezia Toth

Programme coordinators

  •     Applied Computer Science/Infotronics (Bachelor): Prof. Dr. Peter Jüttner
  •     Applied Computer Science/Infotronics (Master): Prof. Dr. Peter Jüttner
  •     Interactive Systems/Internet of Things (Bachelor): Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcus Barkowsky
  •     Artificial Intelligence (Bachelor): Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Popp
  •     Cyber Security (Bachelor): Prof. Dr. Martin Schramm
  •     Cyber Security (Master) part-time - Prof. Dr. Andreas Grzemba
  •     Business Information Systems (Bachelor): Prof. Dr. Michael Otto Ponader
  •     Information Systems (Master) - Prof. Dr. Johannes Grabmeier
  •     Business Informatics (Bachelor) part-time - focus on Data Science: Prof. Dr. Stephan Scheuerer

Study advisor

  •     Applied Computer Science (Bachelor): Mr. Prof. Dr. Andreas Berl
  •     Business Information Technology (Bachelor): Mr. Prof. Dr. Georg Herde
  •     Applied Computer Science (Master): Mr. Prof. Dr. Peter Jüttner
  •     Business Information Systems (Master): Mr. Prof. Dr. Johannes Grabmeier
  •     Cyber Security (Master): Mr. Prof. Dr. Andreas Grzemba
  •     Artifical Intelligence (Bachelor): Prof. Dr. Robert Hable

Examination boards (in German)


Study assistant

  •    Sandra Tremmel



  •     Sonja Höcherl
  •     Caroline Voegl