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psychosocial support.

Psychosocial counselling supports you

  • In current life crises (excessive demands, social problems with fellow human beings, social isolation, illness, etc.)
  • Psychological problems in all areas (anxiety, concentration problems, increased pressure to perform, depression, self-doubt, addiction problems...)
  • For all personal problems that you find stressful and for which you would like support.

The contact person at the Deggendorf Campus is the social pedagogue Ilona Ditze.
Please make an appointment in advance via mail at psy-beratung@th-deg.de or call +49 991 3615 8267.


Students at the European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen are welcome to contact the StuCoS (Student Counselling Service) at ECRI.
The pedagogue Claudia Niktisin is the contact person here. Please make an appointment with her by sending an e-mail to stucos-ecri@th-deg.de.

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