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Appointment Dr Oliver Neumann

New DIT professor makes technology projects successful

20.9.2021 | DIT Public Relations

At the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), Dr Oliver Neumann will take over research and teaching in the field of technology management and management of technical projects from 1 October. New technologies and innovations drive science and business. For new ideas to be successful on the market, professional innovation and technology management is needed, which often goes hand in hand with the management of technology projects. At DIT as a research-strong university, where many current and highly relevant issues are dealt with, Oliver Neumann sees some points of contact from his 10 years of experience in industry.

"Technology and innovation projects are successful when the focus of all activities is the customer benefit and at the same time the technological feasibility and the economic viability of the technology or idea are considered in a balanced way," says the new DIT professor. Neumann has experienced what it means to take these three pillars into account in the project management of technologies and innovations as a project manager at the BMW Group in quality management and as a project manager at Robert Bosch GmbH in product development. Oliver Neumann started on the path towards technology and project management as a student. He studied technically oriented business administration in Stuttgart. This was followed by five years as an academic assistant and doctorate at the Chair of Organisation at the University of Stuttgart. Oliver Neumann's 15 years of experience in science and business now form the basis for the university professorship. He is particularly looking forward to working with students and colleagues in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Industrial Engineering. The broad spectrum of competences at the faculty is the ideal breeding ground for looking at the same issues through different lenses and thus learning from each other. Neumann would like to concentrate the part of his working time that he will devote to research in the future particularly on Industry 4.0, combined hardware and software projects and the evaluation and measurement of the success of technology and innovation management with a focus on manufacturing companies. The research is to be application-oriented and state of the art. Privately, he spends the vast majority of his time with his wife and two children. Whenever possible, he tries to enjoy live music. Jogging is a particularly good way to clear his head for new ideas.

Bild (DIT): Open, appreciative cooperation at eye level with the goal of achieving effective learning results. This is what students can expect from the new DIT professor, Dr Oliver Neumann.