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Excursion to MicroPyros

29.6.2017 |

Students of the Industrial Engineering/ Maintenance and Operation bachelor programme at the European Campus Rottal-Inn took part in an excursion to the Straubing-based company MicroPyros on 9 December 2016.


Prof. Raimund Brotsack gave the students from various regions around the world exciting insights into the technology and the processes of the start-up company.



As part of a “power to gas” concept, MicroPyros developed a micro-biological methanation technology. The goal is to convert excess electricity from fluctuating renewable energy sources, such as wind or photovoltaic plants, to storable natural gas. Excess electricity, occurring at certain times, is electrolytically converted to hydrogen. The hydrogen, together with carbon, is then converted into methane, which is the main component of natural gas. It can therefore be fed into the natural gas grid without any problems.

The necessary carbon dioxide comes from the Straubing sewage gas plant. MicroPyros runs a large-scale methanation plant on site in Straubing.

Part of the factory tour was the company’s laboratory with the corresponding quality management as well as the large-scale methanation plant.

The company plans to build a large-scale power to gas research plant. If the power to gas technology is successful, it enables the storing of large quantities of excess electricity throughout the year and distributing it via the natural gas grid. Power to gas technology, therefore, is an essential pillar for the change of energy systems. The work is subsidized by the Bavarian Economic Ministry.

After insights into such a start-up company in the field of renewable energy, the students were deeply impressed.