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Cooperative Study Programme with an Exchange Semester in Canada

18.1.2018 |

20180410 austauschsemester lakehead universityFrom Lower Bavaria to Ontario, Canada – Students benefit from Academic Cooperation

Around ten months after signing a cooperation contract, the connection between the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) and Lakehead University showed fruition. DIT student Michael Schneider spent his winter semester tuition-free at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada.

In summer 2017, DIT reported about an initiated close cooperation with the Canadian university. The agreement enables one DIT student per semester to studying tuition-fee-free at Lakehead. The fees would be at approximately €5500. Michael Schneider studies Industrial Engineering in a cooperative study programme. For his practical study phases, he is at Landau-based Einhell AG. In the winter semester 2017/2018, he was presented the opportunity to spend his semester abroad in Thunder Bay at Lakehead University. He chose this university from DIT’s more than 180 partner universities. “The university is perfect for engineering. The courses offered complement those at DIT, which made the exchange a lot easier. Additionally, the amazing location near the Great Lakes was a bonus. I’d definitely spend another semester there.”

Einhell AG was very supportive during the decision making and application process.

The tuition-free placements are already gone until summer semester 2019. In the coming winter semester, a student of Mechanical Engineering and in the summer semester 2019, a Business Informatics student will go to Lakehead University. In June, President Prof. Dr. Sperber is scheduled to fly to Ontario for further talks that will promote the partnership even more.


Photo (DIT)