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Up for a Semester Abroad?

14.11.2018 |

Landertage 2018 news

Ländertage shows our students study and internship opportunities around the globe

Students aiming to go global for a study or internship semester must plan far in advance, leaving for an adventure in the winter semester 2019/2020 or the summer semester 2020 involves active preparation now! Our Ländertage informed over 200 interested students about the opportunities involved.

Ländertage started on 17th October with the USA and Canada. College Contact agency advised students about funding their semester abroad, before students described their fascinating experiences during study and internship semesters in Chicago, San Diego and Vancouver.

This was followed by country days (Ländertage) for Asia and the Pacific region with Gostralia! agency. Students who had already completed a semester or internship abroad in this part of the world reported about their experiences, showed impressive photos and hopefully aroused participants desire for adventure to the southern hemisphere.

The last event in the week was the most popular, as the topic was Europe and the ERASMUS programme, which is worldwide the largest student exchange programme worldwide. Students presented their time in Finland, Spain, the UK, Austria and the Island of Aruba, which is a popular part of the ERASMUS programme as it's Dutch territory, despite being an island in the Caribbean.

Students with international experience all agreed: a semester abroad is highly recommended. It is an unforgettable experience!

Photo (DIT): Student Lukas Fuller presents his experience in Canada at the University of Victoria.