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Project to improve Soft Skills

14.11.2018 |

20190509 erasmus ka2 projekt“The system of support for academic teachers in process of shaping soft skills of their students”

The Erasmus+ KA2 project “The system of support for academic teachers in process of shaping soft skills of their students” is a strategic partnership, which involves 4 universities: University College of Enterprise and Administration (Poland), Instituto Politecnico De Setubal (Portugal), Mednarodna Fakulteta Za Druzbene In Poslovne Studije Zavod (Slovenia) and Deggendorf Institute Of Technology (Germany).

What is the aim of the strategic partnership in this project?
A strategic partnership aims to develop innovative, cross-country teaching and studying methods, as well as build effective networks for the university.

What are the goals and results of the project?
The project tries to combine standard teaching programs with new, attractive teaching methods aimed at supporting young people in the process of gaining soft skills. As soft skills are highly required competences by employers, the project intends to incorporate the teaching of these skills to programs of regular subjects taught by academic teachers in order to prepare young people for their future workplace properly.

Which role does DIT play in this project?
The task of our university is to deal with the topic of intercultural entrepreneurship and how we can incorporate intercultural aspects into regular classes. This includes the theme of multiculturalism: Why is it so important, which role does it play in the modern labour market and what does multicultural communication in the workplace mean. Furthermore, it deals with the topics of intercultural approaches to young employees and cultural differences in the workplace.


Prof. Dr. Johann Nagengast
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