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Solidarity with Ukraine

The entire DIT university community is appalled by events currently happening in the Ukraine.

25.2.2022 | DIT Public Relations

The leadership of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the entire university community is appalled and speechless by the current situation in Ukraine. There is war in Europe. We see an unprecedented breach of international law and in this respectfully share the perspective and assessment of the German government - and almost the entire world - on this absolutely unacceptable act of unprovoked aggression.

41 percent of our students come from more than 100 countries around the world. We maintain partnerships with 200 universities that are also spread around the globe. Our understanding of culture and values is that peace is created and secured by learning together, researching together, and living together. Therefore, we strongly condemn war and violence as a solution to problems. Our full solidarity belongs to the people of Ukraine and especially to our Ukrainian students who are in great concern for their country, their friends, and of course their loved ones. The Deggendorf Institute of Technology stands with all those who advocate diplomacy, dialogue, cooperation, and peace and solve conflicts exclusively in this way.

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Our multilingual student advisor Olha Boyko-Barea is happy to answer any inquiries about studying at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Chat to Olha in Ukranian, German, English, Russian or Italian using our mail account: welcome@th-deg.de

Let us hope and pray for peace together.



Солідарність з Україною!

Дорогі українці! Сім’я університету DIT пропонує вам допомогу:
Якщо у вас є питання щодо навчання в DIT, наша колега Ольга Бойко-Бареа буде рада надати вам допомогу. Ви можете зв'язатися з нею українською, російською, німецькою, англійською або італійською мовами за допомогою цієї електронної пошти: welcome@th-deg.de

Якщо ви з України та зацікавлені в навчанні в DIT, ви можете знайти інформацію тут: Навчання в DIT як громадянин України
Додаткову корисну інформацію можна знайти тут
Разом молимося і сподіваємося на мир!



Bild (DIT): The Deggendorf Institute of Technology declares solidarity with Ukraine.