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Seminar "HAW-Professor as Career Goal”

HAW professor as a career goal: Seminar prepares women for careers

24.3.2022 | DIT Public Relations

Bavaria was the second German state to give women access to university. Since 1903, when the Bavarian Prince Regent Luitpold allowed women to study, the number of female students has steadily increased. The number of male professors, on the other hand, still predominates at the universities of applied sciences (HAW). To ensure that more women dare to become professors in the future, the State Conference of Women's and Equal Opportunities Representatives at Bavarian Universities (LaKoF) organised the seminar "HAW Professor as a Career Goal" at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) from 11 to 12 March.

The seminar was brought to the university in Deggendorf and supervised by Prof. Dr. Michelle Cummings-Koether, DIT’s deputy women's representative. The participants of the seminar fulfil all the requirements for an appointment as a professor. During the two-day seminar they received intensive coaching, which prepared the participants for an appointment procedure and thus for the professorship. The central core element was the trial lectures in front of an "appointment committee". The committee evaluated the presentations and gave reflective feedback.

The seminar "Berufsziel HAW-Professorin" received a lot of support and commitment from DIT. The "Appeals Committee" was made up of DIT professors, staff and students. In addition to the host Prof. Dr. Michelle Cummings-Koether, Prof. Dr. Kristina Waniek, Prof. Dr. Maria Kufner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Grzemba and Prof. Dr. Sascha Kreiskott were members of the "Appeals Committee" and advised the participants. In addition, a representative of the Human Resources Department and four students were members of the committee.

Since the seminar was very well received by the participants and the university and its hospitality left a positive impression, another event is planned for July. At an information day at DIT together with the LaKoF, the project "Become a Professor" will be taken up again and the university's teaching campuses will be presented.

The seminar "Berufsziel HAW Professorin" was implemented with the help of the LaKoF's "Werde Professorin" project, which promotes women and prepares them as best as possible for a professorship. The aim of the project is to increase the number of female professors in Bavaria. Interested women can find out more about the project and the opportunities available to them at https://werdeprofessorin.de.

Bild (DIT): Prof. Dr. Cummings-Koether presented DIT as part of the seminar "Berufsziel HAW-Professorin".