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Children's University on 8 April

Learning easier with P.F.E.R.D.L - Children's University on 8 April

25.3.2022 | DIT Public Relations

The European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) offers a children's university on Friday, 8 April at 5 pm. This time, everything revolves around horses and how they can contribute to the learning process in the case of reading and spelling disorders. All interested children between the ages of eight and 13 can take part.

At school, children learn everything they need for their professional life. But when learning becomes stressful, for example because of a reading or spelling disorder, the fun of school can quickly disappear. The Project for Joyful and Relaxed Riding to Take Off in Learning, or P.F.E.R.D.L (German abbreviations) for short, offers support in such a case. In the Children's University, participants learn about the advantages of teaching German on horseback and how horse-supported pedagogy works.

But why with horses of all things? Horses promote fine motor skills, increase concentration and stamina, strengthen self-confidence, relieve tension and build social skills. Training with horses creates a framework that makes it possible to train the brain with all the senses and with pleasure in such a way that learning is easier, knowledge is permanently stored and can be retrieved even under stress.

In the children's university "Learning Easier with P.F.E.R.D.L", the children learn everything about horse-supported pedagogy in a theoretical part. Here Annika Münstermann from the University of Koblenz Landau provides insights and explains the background to the young students. Ellen Meier, guidance counsellor at the Realschule Pfarrkirchen rounds off the Children's University with a practical part afterwards.

The lecture will take place on Friday, 8 April at 5 pm at the Realschule Pfarrkirchen. In good weather in the green classroom and in bad weather in the auditorium. The kinder uni is an event hosted in German. During the event, masks are compulsory for children. Registration is through Andrea Ebertseder of ECRI via phone at + 49 991-3615 8863 or via e-mail at andrea.ebertseder@th-deg.de. Interested parents can find more information about the project and how equine-assisted pedagogy contributes to the success of reading or spelling disorders at https://www.rs-pan.de/index.php/schulisches-leben/tiergestuetzte-paedagogik/p-f-e-r-d-l.

Bild (RS PAN): The Children's University is all about the P.F.E.R.D.L project and how horses can help with learning.