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Quantum Computing

DIT research on the international stage

14.11.2022 | DIT Public Relations

Quantum computing has only been part of the teaching portfolio of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) since 2021. Nevertheless, in this short time, DIT has managed to bring its research onto the global stage. The current edition of the "Bavarian Quantum Computing eXchange" (BQCX) on 9 November was completely dedicated to innovative research at DIT.

"We are on a par with global players in the field of quantum computing," finds Prof. Dr. Helena Liebelt, the professor responsible for quantum computing at the university. The BQCX is a format of the Leibniz Computing Centre from the heart of Munich Quantum Valley. Once a month, there is an exchange between research and industry on progress in quantum computer sciences. This time, DIT professors Dr. Rui Li, Dr. Peter Faber and Dr. Helena Liebelt shared the stage with a number of young scientists from Deggendorf to talk about current results in Quantum AI, simulations and Quantum Fluid Dynamic. Those interested can find out more here: https://www.quantum.lrz.de/bqcx.

DIT was also represented with its results on the European stage at the end of October. Namely, at the international conference ACAT (Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research) of the renowned CERN. In her keynote speech, Liebelt gave an overview of the path quantum technology has taken so far and where it stands today. In her presentation, she paid special attention to the development of young talent. "Training talent is exactly what we do at DIT," the Deggendorf IT expert explained enthusiastically. "Around half of the people currently still studying the Master's in High Performance Computing in Deggendorf have already been taken, and that's already a strong signal." DIT delegation's presentations have in turn led to new contacts and requests for further keynotes, also at international level.

Further international presentations by Professor Liebelt are planned for mid-November at the world's largest conference for high-performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, SC22 in Dallas (USA). All this shows "that research from the Bavarian Forest is taking a leading role, and that the Deggendorf programme for High Performance and Quantum Computing (HP/CP) is also attracting international attention," says Liebelt.

Bild (DIT): Prof. Dr. Helena Liebelt (centre) with colleagues and Master's students at the Leibniz Computing Centre (LRZ) in Garching near Munich.