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7th Start-up Day

Top environment for start-up ideas

22.11.2022 | DIT Public Relations

The evening lecture hall was packed with well over 100 participants from start-ups, students, political representatives and regional companies, delicious cappucino beforehand and pizza for everyone at the end. In between, a firework of great ideas from young founders. The 7th Start-up Day of the Startup Campus of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), ITC1 Deggendorf and the Hans Lindner Foundation, which took place on 16 November on the DIT campus, was as successful as one could wish for. An evening you won't forget in a while.

Framed by a keynote speech by the well-known Munich start-up "happybrush" and a small panel discussion with the local heroes from "TI4F", a total of six start-ups pitched and battled each other for the favour of the curious audience. All business ideas had to be explained in a maximum of three minutes. Not so easy, given the sometimes complex and offbeat topics. The many questions from the audience reflected not only the great interest, but also the powerful impression all the pitches had made.

The team "wherehouse" presented a mobile phone app that even small companies can use to get a quick overview of their stock of C-parts, i.e. small things like screws or dowels, with just a few clicks. "Plant my Trip" then showed how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to optimise the routes to and from the workplace as well as reduce costs for the workforce and cut CO2 emissions. Things were a bit bigger at "SHT", which is already very successfully working on a harvesting machine for commercial hemp. This project also showed what options the rural area offers and what would be difficult to develop in an urban environment. "Career Captain", the eventual winners of this challenge at the Start-up Day, explained their digital replica of workplaces so that interested people can get an exact image of what to expect in their future job while they are still applying. The sorting of Lego parts is taken care of by "reBricker". And who doesn't know the vast quantities of individual Lego parts from numerous construction kits lying around in the cellar or attic. The AI-based sorting machine from "reBricker" recognises each individual part and sorts them back into their original sets at the end. And of course, the topic of gaming was not to be missed. Here, "5 Finger Games" was at the start, which is developing a blockchain-based tactics game called "Knights of Cathena".

In addition to great company ideas, the Start-up Day also showed the strength of the associated network in and around Deggendorf. In addition to the DIT Startup Campus, there is also the Gründerzentrum Digitalisierung Niederbayern (GZDN) in ITC1 Deggendorf and the Hans Lindner Foundation. Together with the university's start-up activities, some of which are already anchored in the degree programmes, they form an ideal environment for young people who want to turn their dream of owning their own company into reality. Here you can try things out and try yourself out in a protected space. Motto: Just do it!

Bild (DIT): Great atmosphere and many good start-up ideas at the 7th Start-up Day at the DIT.