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New technologies and their applications: vocational school visiting ECRI

New technologies and their applications: The vocational school on a visit to the European Campus Rottal-Inn

9.12.2022 | DIT Public Relations

The European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) offered pupils from the Pfarrkirchen Vocational School an insight into the laboratories and study programmes at the campus for the first time. During the visit, the prospective specialists learned about new technologies and their applications and took away a lot of knowledge for their future work.

A total of 66 students from the Pfarrkirchen vocational school came to ECRI. They were accompanied by teachers Johann Zeilberger, Aylin Gonnert and Stefanie Plöchl. After the welcome by the ECRI Dean, Prof. Dr. Georg Christian Steckenbauer, the students were given insights into the possibilities of study orientation at the campus as well as the new degree programme Building Products and Processes in short lectures. This was important information for the future specialists, as it will enable them to offer comprehensive advice on orientation, further education or dual studies in their future work.

Afterwards, they were divided into three groups, which took turns at the activities on campus. From then on, the students faced the challenge of the English language, which is used in all lectures and the labs at ECRI. The DigiHealth & Smart Tourism Lab station made the most impression on the participants. They learned about different digital technologies. The students were allowed to try out a variety of iHealth devices such as the iHealth Air pulse oximeter, iHealth View for measuring blood pressure and pulse or iHealth Feel for monitoring blood levels. The most impressive feature was eye tracking, which can be used to read people's emotions. Used correctly, this technology can be extremely helpful for the future specialists in their future jobs. As student Marc Luco describes, it could be used to find out what supervisors look for in job interviews, what impressions make the difference or whether reactions differ depending on the age or gender of the applicants. He is sure that eye tracking will expand his everyday professional life in a few years.

In the EEE Lab, the laboratory for electrical and energy engineering, the pupils were allowed to carry out soldering experiments on circuit boards themselves. In addition, the lab engineers presented them with the model of a heat pump and explained how the lab's own 3D printer works.

ECRI student Hashem Alshawabkeh showed the prospective labour market services specialists important on-site facilities such as the canteen and the library during the campus tour. In lectures such as Scientific Writing, Standards of Green Buildings or Engineering Maths, they got an impression of teaching at ECRI and in Healthy and Sustainable Buildings, the HSB Lab, they got a taste of sustainability, a pillar of ECRI. During the tour, the students were able to address their questions directly to the student and thus exchange ideas at eye level.

In addition to an overview of ECRI's offerings and opportunities, the laboratories and facilities on campus, the students from the Pfarrkirchen vocational school benefited above all from the technologies and their diverse applications, which they learned about during their visit and will use later in their professional lives.

Bild (ECRI / DIT): In the EEE laboratory, laboratory engineer Wolfgang Schauer (centre) gave the students an introduction to soldering.