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Living at old age and its challenges for planners

Living at old age and its challenges for planners

18.1.2023 | DIT Public Relations

Students of the Master’s programme Healthy and Sustainable Buildings (HSB) at the European Campus Rottal-Inn (ECRI) visited the Pichlmayr Senioren-Zentrum Pfarrkirchen. They learned about the challenges of living at old age and how these are incorporated in their work as experts for healthy and sustainable building.

During the excursion, the group led by Prof. Dr. Michael Laar explored the premises, which were still empty at the time. The students were guided through the building by employees of SH Projekte, the company that planned the centre. Particular attention was paid to the structural requirements that the age of the residents brings with it and how the students can incorporate these into their work in the future. As experts for healthy and sustainable building, the students are trained, among other things, with regard to the residents and what requirements they have for the buildings. The visit to the Pichlmayr Senioren-Zentrum was therefore an important experience for the students. Since structural measures must also function well in real operation, the facility management was also present during the visit and answered the students’ questions about the facility’s care operations.

The senior citizens’ residence was only recently completed and has been accommodating its first residents since the end of November. Since the HSB students were able to visit the facility shortly before moving in, it was possible to take a look behind the scenes and into all areas.

Bild (ECRI / DIT): Course coordinator Prof. Dr. Michael Laar explains to the students, using the example of a bed, what older people require from the facility.