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Science Prize for Artificial Intelligence announced

Deggendorf AI Prize to be awarded again in 2024

3.8.2023 | DIT Public Relations

The "Anton Fink Science Prize for Artificial Intelligence (AI)", which has been awarded by the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), will enter its third round in 2024. Individuals, start-ups, universities, research institutes, foundations or companies can win. The prerequisites are ground-breaking achievements in the research, development or practical applications of artificial intelligence. 10,000 euros will be awarded as the main prize, as well as the young talent award for final theses with 1,000 euros.

"Competitive mechanical engineering, modern services and innovative medical technology are at the core of our prosperity," says pharmacist Anton Fink, explaining his personal motivation to offer this prize again. In addition, the topic of human-machine interaction is particularly close to his heart. "That is why the current call for entries also includes AI applications in the field of human-machine interaction," as Fink mentions. The prize is intended to honour and promote corresponding digital innovations that are concretely used in companies and are methodologically sound.

Applications with projects or research results are accepted from all over Europe. The deadline for applications is 31st January 2024. Applications must include information on the projects or research results, a sketch of the innovation created by them and a curriculum vitae of the applicant.

Individuals aged 18 and older who are resident in Europe are eligible to apply. But also groups or companies that have their headquarters there. However, these must designate a natural person to make the application and take responsibility for it. Submissions are accepted in both German and English.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Glauner, who is primarily responsible for supervising the science prize on the DIT side, is pleased with the latest award-winning AI innovation: "Tim Rädsch from the German Cancer Research Institute and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) convinced us with his world-wide first systematic study on annotation instructions in biomedical imaging." A resulting scientific publication on this topic has also recently been published in an internationally renowned journal.

The award ceremony is scheduled for 14 May 2024 in Deggendorf. The jury includes the former Bavarian Minister of Science Bernd Sibler and the founder, pharmacist Anton Fink himself.

Details on the call for entries are available at www.th-deg.de/ai-prize.

Bild (DIT): Tim Rädsch (left) from the KIT in Germany won the AI-prize and 10,000 Euros this year. Now, new creative and innovative ideas in practical applications of artificial intelligence are searched for.