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European Campus Rottal-Inn.

English Campus for Students with Global Aspirations

The European Campus Rottal-Inn is our international campus, specialising in international bachelor and master degrees in Healthcare and Engineering which are instructed in English and designed around the demands of global industry and commerce. Individual student support is a high priority among the staff and students.

Distinguishing features:

  • This campus has almost 1000 students from 80 countries
  • It's a modern campus with 4 labs and workshops
  • It's the only exclusively English-speaking campus in Bavaria
  • A range of sports clubs
  • Degrees taught only in English
  • It's small and compact yet open and multicultural
  • Campus canteen
  • Beautiful location

Discover the European Campus!



A Fantastic Location in the Heart of Europe

The European Campus is located in the town of Pfarrkirchen nestled among rolling, picturesque hills of lower Bavaria. Our students love the enviroment, you can read about their personal experiences of Pfarrkirchen on our university blog.

About the town of Pfarrkirchen

  • Centrally located in the charming touristic town of Pfarrkirchen in lower Bavaria, Southern Germany
  • It's nestled among rolling, picturesque hills between the river Danube and river Inn
  • Great public transport links
  • Numerous shops, street cafes, bars, romantic courtyards and shady beer gardens

The Local Environment

  • Close to the Austrian and Czech borders
  • Near to the large, cosmopolitan cities of Munich and Salzburg.
  • Munich International Airport is only a 90 minutes drive away
  • Located in the Rottal valley in the heart of Europe

Culture and Leisure

  • Exceptional art exhibitions and museum nights
  • Many festivals und events
  • Annual old town festival
  • Annual Bavarian Christmas market with live music

Local Sports Facilities

  • 50 metre open air heated swimming pool with water slides and a wild watercourse
  • A long distance riverside cycle path
  • A large swimming lake with rowing boat hire
  • Lakeside cross-country skiing tracks in winter
  • Europe‘s largest continuous golf resort nearby
  • Health spas and thermal springs
  • Local nordic walking routes
  • Local airfield for gliders and small aircraft
  • Riding stables, racecourse with horse races, show-jumping and dressage competitions
  • Typical Bavarian Christmas market with live music, culinary specialities and homemade crafts
  • Annual carnival and town festival



  • Dr. med. Harald Poschenrieder
    Bahnweg 10
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. med. Ludwig Pfefferkorn jun.
    Kolpingsraße 2
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. Med Monika Müller-Rampmaier
    Max-Breiherr-Straße 17
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr med. Simon Riedl and Michael Bambauer
    Schäfflerstraße 5a
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Eva Sollich
    Lindnerstraße 15
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Dr. med. Stefan Achhammer
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Dr. med. Alexander and Dr. med. Raimund Schwarz
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
    08561/910315 oder 08561/6264


  • Dr. med. Gernot Bauer and Dr. med. Michael Fent
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen


  • Fachzentrum für Urologie
    Karl-Rolle-Straße 43
    84307 Eggenfelden
    Tel. 0 87 21 - 91 04 47



  • Dr. Bastian Ach
    Eggenfeldener Straße 26
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. med. dent. Christoph Josef Bayer
    Ringstraße 14
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. med. Dent. Christoph Schmid
    Ringstraße 10
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. Josef Aigner
    Kolpingstraße 2
    84347 Pfarrkirchen


  • Apotheke im Turm
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen-Mooshof
  • Brunnen Apotheke
    Bahnhofsstraße 6
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
    08561/ 910304
  • Rathaus-Apotheke
    Stadtplatz 3
    84347 Pfarrkrichen
  • Alpha Apotheke
    Max-Lanz-Straße 1
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Stadtapotheke
    Statplatz 33
    84347 Pfarrkirchen

Travelling to Pfarrkirchen

Travelling by train from Munich airport to Pfarrkirchen train station:

From Munich airport it will take approximately 2.5 hours to get to Pfarrkirchen train station using public transportation.

Exit the airport and take the tram S8 to Munich East (Bahnhof München Ost). Before boarding the tram, purchase a Bayernticket at the airport for 26€. With this ticket, you can take the trains to Munich East and Pfarrkirchen, which means that you do not need to buy any other tickets. For more information on the Bayernticket, please see:

It will take up to 30 minutes to get to Munich East. Look at the display panels at the train station for current train information such as departure times and platforms. Change the train at the Munich East train station and take the train to Mühldorf (Oberbayern). It usually departs from platform 11. After one hour, you will arrive in Mühldorf (Oberbayern). Change the train in Mühldorf (Oberbayern) and take the train to Pfarrkirchen (usually from platform 6). It will take you approximately another 1 hour to get to Pfarrkirchen.

For additional information you can check your travel schedule at