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This certificate is only offered in German!


The topic of health is more topical than ever in the corporate context: offers for health promotion and work-life balance are becoming increasingly decisive when selecting future employers. Employees today are looking for more than "just" a job. They are looking for meaningful work, transparent communication and a culture of trust.

Employers are more than ever in demand to maintain their workforce's ability to work and to promote employee satisfaction, motivation and loyalty over the long term. This is the only way to increase productivity, product and service quality and innovative ability. At the same time, the image as a lucrative employer is optimized. This is becoming increasingly important due to demographic developments and the associated competition for qualified junior staff.

With the university certificate "Systemic Process Consulting for Occupational Safety and Health", graduates create health-promoting working and living conditions through systemic consulting in the redesign and reorganisation of structures and processes in companies.

organisational matters

Main topics

  • Scientific basics at OSH (BGM)
  • Individual health and lifestyle
  • Analysis tools, key figures and interpretations
  • Organisational and synergy development
  • Social security law basics and possibilities of targeted interventions
  • Consulting and process support
  • Practice transfer - pilot project with supervision workshops

You will be taught the scientific approach and political and legal guidelines, which will be deepened in the subsequent practical work. This creates a smooth transition to later independent activity.

Course language: German

Time concept

    12-month extra-occupational training

  • 6 module blocks in 6 months á 3 days
  • 3 practice transfer appointments
  • 1 final examination

Next course start: 21 January 2021

Costs:  3000 plus € 300 administration fee

Here you will find a summary of all information.


The university certificate "Systemic Process Consulting for Occupational Safety and Health", which entitles you to professionally introduce workplace health management in companies and businesses.

target group

  • Participants

This in-service training is aimed at:

Those interested in the subject areas BGM and occupational safety
all those who wish to accompany and advise employers in their efforts to achieve higher employee satisfaction, greater motivation, greater loyalty to the company and the best work ability of their employees

  • Requirements

No special requirements or previous knowledge required


your benefits

We offer:

  •     The university certificate "Systemic Process Consulting for Occupational Safety and Health" is documented with 15 ECTS points
  •     Compact and efficient further training with direct benefit transfer
  •     Prof. Dr. phil. Stephan Gronwald; head of the institute and the BGM and occupational safety department as head of certificate
  •     Highly qualified lecturers from science and practice
  •     An ideal combination of theory and practice: 6 bundled theory modules (Thursday to Saturday) and 3 supervision workshops
  •     An introductory process of BGM, which you carry out yourself in context of further training in a company of your choice, with our specialists accompanying you


  •     Next course start: 21 January 2021
  •     Applications now possible
  •     Please fill out the registration form and return it to us together with the required enclosures.