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More robust, more efficient and more sustainable - that is our mission with the development, production and application of components in plastic and fibre composite technology.


About the TC Hutthurm

We at the Technology Campus Hutthurm of DIT see ourselves as a research service provider for innovative solutions in plastics technology. In association with the Technology and Study Center Weissenburg, we represent the approach "Resource efficiency through process development, lightweight construction and materials research" at the Kunststoffcampus Bayern (kunststoffcampus-bayern.de).

Simulation is the attempt to capture and recreate reality, i.e. to find the right models as a reflection of it. The core is the identification of the relevant physical phenomena, their description with corresponding mathematical formulas, which are usually solved numerically in order to gain new insights into a given technical system or to invent new systems.



Simulation is the tool of choice for designing tools for plastic injection moulding "first right", for example. Here, the mold filling with various materials and under variable process conditions can be evaluated in advance in order to robustly and economically realize the desired product. This saves expensive trials and the production of prototype tools. It also supports the search for innovative solutions for tool design and process control.


Wherever masses have to be moved, energy is consumed - this is where the lightweight construction aspect comes into play. Weight reduction can be achieved through alternative construction methods such as sandwich, ribs or bionic structures as well as the use of high-performance materials such as carbon fiber composites or a combination of these. In addition, completely new fields of application are possible, for example in the combination of fibre composites with metals.



In order to make manufacturing processes more transparent and robust, data acquisition systems and automated evaluation methods are increasingly being used. The latter require large amounts of data in order to "get to know" the process status and draw conclusions. Our goal is to use simulation to make manufacturing processes more robust and achieve zero rejects. To this end, data from virtual processing, for example, can be used as a basis for data analysis even before the first real component has been manufactured.


Equally great challenge and responsibility is the further use and reuse of plastic products at the end of their life cycle: recycling. We participate in the initiation of joint projects to make the processing of plastic waste more efficient and return it to valuable, technically sophisticated products.


The clever combination of process simulation and data analysis offers completely new possibilities for increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes for plastic products. For example, ongoing activities are aimed at reducing the reject rate for 3D printed high-performance structures from 50% to 5% by using process simulation and artificial intelligence methods.

We are working on initiating projects to create a holistic understanding of materials, processes and structures in production and operation - the keyword being "digital twin". In connection with the digitalization of production, material flow simulation is another essential component for planning and ensuring stable and efficient production processes.

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Infos for Students

Are you looking for a challenging and exciting job in a technically experienced research laboratory? Then we look forward to getting to know you.

We offer students of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology to do research for their final thesis at the Technology Campus Hutthurm and to work on it within the scope of a project. In addition, advertised bachelor and master theses can also be carried out as internships.

You are also welcome to contact us if you are still looking for a company in the region for your industrial internship in the field of plastics technology.

No matter what topic you are interested in - Mr. Markus Stockinger is at your disposal.


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