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Technische Hochschule Deggendorf

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Frequently Asked Questions from Students


You have three chances to pass an exam, when you sit it for the third time you are required to pass otherwise you cannot continue on your chosen course and will be  deregistered. You could possibly begin another degree course at DIT,  or start to study at another university. The examination committee will decide if you can begin another degree course in a higher semester or if you must start from the beginning. All this depends of course on your legal obligations if you are not an EU citizen. Please be aware that for every application an individual application must be made.

We recommond that you contact the International Office and your assistant in the faculty to talk about your options.

You could also use our exam support und psycho social support.



You are not qualified to repeat you studies on same course at DIT again.

You could apply to DIT again to start in the first semester or in a higher semester of another course


Yes, a change of course is generally possible. Please use the regular online application procedure. Admission to the first semester follows after the normal selection process and admissions to higher semesters are only possible when there are free places on the chosen course and all prerequisites are fulfilled.

Any previous exam results will be reviewed and credited wherever possible during the enrolment process.

Contact: international-office@th-deg.de


If the standard study period is exceeded by more than two semesters, all bachelor's and master's exams for which have not yet been taken for the first time are evaluated as failed due to absence.

We recommend that you sit all the appropiate exams as described in the Academic Regulations, so you don't get behind with your credits.

Contact the International Office and your assistant in the faculty to talk about your options.