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Fact Sheet Nursing pedagogy

  • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)
  • Duration : 11 Semesters | 7 attendance semester
    The first three semesters can be recognised by the vocational training in nursing and the acquired professional experience. 2 internship semesters are planned at at least one vocational school. The 11th semester is reserved for the writing of the Bachelor thesis. Thus the duration of study is usually reduced to 8 semesters. Further information on the course of study can be found below under the tab "Structure of the course of study".
  • Start of studies & application deadline: Next start of studies: 6 March 2020 | Application deadline: 15 January 2020 Application phase is already underway, further information on application can be found below under the tab "Application".
  • Time expenditure of the attendance phases: three days once or twice a month
  • Costs: 1,500 €/semester + 52 € fee/semester

Target Group

The course of study is aimed at:

    Nursing professionals (from the fields of health care and nursing, health and paediatric nursing, geriatric nursing)

with three years of relevant professional experience. One year of professional experience is sufficient for applicants with a technical college or university entrance qualification.

Course Content

1./2. Semester  
Anerkennung: Berufsausbildung
3. Semester  
Anerkennung: Berufspraxis ( 1 Jahr Vollzeit)  
4. Semester  
Kommunikation und Gruppe  
Grundlagen Pädagogik  
Theorien/Modelle der Gesundheits­wissenschaften  
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten   
5. Semester  
Pädagogische Psychologie  
Allgemeine Didaktik  
Quantitative Forschungsmethoden  
6. Semester  
Digitale Kompetenz in der Lehre  
Berufsfeld Didaktik  
Strukturen des Gesundheitssystems  
Qualitative Forschungsmethoden  
7.  Semester  
Seminar Pädagogik  
Assessment und Pflegediagnostik  
Gesundheitsförderung und Prävention  
Rechtliche Grundlagen im Berufsfeld   
8. Semester  
Berufsbildungsforschung, Lehr-/ Lernforschung  
Medizinische Aspekte der Notfallpädagogik  
Schulrecht und Arbeitsrecht  
Organisations- und Schulentwicklung   
9. Semester  
Pädagogisches Praktikum + Lehrprobe  
Praxisrslexion 1  
Praxisreflexion 2  
Praxisreflexion 3  
Ethische Aspekte der Pflegepädagogik    
10. Semester  
Pädagogisches Praktikum + Lehrprobe  
Praxisrslexion 1  
Praxisreflexion 2  
Praxisreflexion 3  
Ethische Aspekte der Pflegepädagogik   
11. Semester  




Admission requirements

    Abitur or vocational baccalaureate with three years of training and work experience (subject-related)
    Qualified professionals with three years of training and three years of work experience (specialised)

The approval of schools for health professions is the responsibility of the governments of the individual administrative districts in Bavaria. Under the current conditions, training in the nursing sector is strongly recommended.

Application Bachelor Nursing Pedagogy

The application phase is already underway, the application deadline is 15 January 2020. 30 study places at most will be allocated for the summer semester 2020, so early application is recommended.

Apply online via the Primuss application portal with the following documents:

  •     Letter of motivation (1 page, signed)
  •     Resume (signed)
  •     Training certificate & diploma
  •     Certificate of your university entrance qualification
  •         (vocational) baccalaureate or
  •         Specialist further training according to the DKG or
  •         Vocational qualification: Training certificate
  •     proof of professional experience (confirmation of employer or certificate of employment)
  •     Valid for professionally qualified persons only: confirmation of a consultation, appointment with Lisa Geib or Christina Moosmüller


2. Deggendorfer Pflegesymposium am 17.01.2018

Thema: Praktische Pflegeausbildung im Skill- und Grademix innovieren.

Symposium: Holocaust Education am 25.01.2018
Thema: Geschichts- und Demokratiebewusstsein am Geschichts- und Demokratiebewusstsein am Beispiel der Krankenmorddebatte