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Pedagogy in Rescue Services, B.A.

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From the ambulance to the lecture hall

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the Bavarian Red Cross are cooperating with the aim of advancing a further step in the professionalization of the rescue service through the academic training of teachers, specialists and managers as well as through research projects and to strengthen Bavaria as a region of competence for the rescue service. The course is open to paramedics from all rescue service organizations.

Fact Sheet

  • Degree : Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Duration : 11 Semesters | 7 attendance semester
    The first three semesters can be recognised by the vocational training and the professional experience gained. There are 2 semesters of practical training at at least one vocational school. The 11th semester is reserved for the writing of the Bachelor thesis. Thus the duration of study is usually reduced to 8 semesters. Further information on the course of study can be found below under the tab "Structure of the course of study".
  • Begin/application: 6 March 2020  |   Application: as of 15 January 2020
  • Time expenditure of the attendance phases: Time expenditure of the attendance phases: one to two three-day blocks per month (Mon-Mi or Th-Sa); the school holidays in Bavaria are mostly lecture-free; place of study: Deggendorf
  • Costs: 1,500 €/semester + 52 € fee/semester
  • Lisa Geib is available for you for personal advice

Target Group

The bachelor's programme is conducted on a part-time basis and is highly practice-oriented. It concludes with the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and is aimed at emergency paramedics* or persons with an equivalent domestic or foreign education and professional qualifications.

(*Emergency paramedics can be admitted to the course if they take the supplementary examination NotSan by the end of the fifth semester).

Course content

1./2. Semester  
Anerkennung: Berufsausbildung  
3. Semester  
Anerkennung: Berufspraxis ( 1 Jahr Vollzeit)  
4. Semester  
Kommunikation und Gruppe  
Grundlagen Pädagogik  
Aktuelle Aspekte der Notfallversorgung  
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten  
5. Semester  
Pädagogische Psychologie  
Allgemeine Didaktik  
Quantitative Forschungsmethoden  
6. Semester  
Digitale Kompetenz in der Lehre  
Berufsfeld Didaktik  
Strukturen des Gesundheitssystems  
Qualitative Forschungsmethoden  
7. Semester  
Seminar Pädagogik  
Herausfordernde Situationen im Rettungsdienst  
Patientensicherheit/ Risikomanagement  
Rechtliche Grundlagen im Berufsfeld   
8. Semester  
Lehr-/ Lernforschung  
Medizinische Aspekte der Notfallpädagogik  
Schulrecht und Arbeitsrecht  
Organisations- und Schulentwicklung   
9. Semester  
Pädagogisches Praktikum + Lehrprobe  
Praxisrslexion 1  
Praxisreflexion 2  
Praxisreflexion 3  
Ethische Aspekte der Notfallpädagogik   
10. Semester  
Pädagogisches Praktikum + Lehrprobe  
Praxisrslexion 1  
Praxisreflexion 2  
Praxisreflexion 3  
Ethische Aspekte der Notfallpädagogik  
11. Semester  




The application deadline is 15 Jan 2020.

If you have missed the deadline, Lisa Geib will be happy to inform you about available places.

Apply online via the Primuss application portal of DIT for part-time degree programmes with the following documents:

  •     Letter of motivation (1 page, signed)
  •     Tabular curriculum vitae (signed) with passport photo
  •     Simple copy of the training certificate & diploma
  •     Officially certified copy of the university entrance qualification
  •         Abitur: Abitur certificate
  •         vocational qualification: training certificate
  •     proof of professional activity (confirmation of employer or certificate of employment)
  •     Proof of emergency paramedic training