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fact sheet

Language: All lectures will be held in German only

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)

Course language: German


  • 11 semesters (incl. Practice semester)
  • 7 or 8 semesters for pre-vocational training
  • Qualifications can be recognised (e.g. technician, master craftsman, business administrator)
  • Cooperation with the technical school for electric mobility Deggendorf

Start of studies/application deadline:

  • Start: annually in the summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 January
  • For technicians, entry is possible in September. Just ask!
  • If you are still interested in studying after the deadline, Corina Welsch will be happy to provide you with information about available places.

Time expenditure of the attendance phases:

  • The courses take place on Friday afternoon and Saturday all day
  • (About 12 lecture weekends per semester)
  • The usual school holidays in Bavaria are mostly free of lectures
  • Location: Deggendorf

Costs: € 2,000 per semester + € 72 semester fee

Further information:

Click here for statements from participants (in German)

Information event:

Preparatory courses: There are preparatory courses in mathematics, physics, English and construction. Under the following link you can get further information: https://pmit-ext.th-deg.de/seminare/vbk

target group

The Bachelor of Technology Management course is suitable for all those interested in a technical course of study that can be completed while working.

The course is particularly interesting for:

  •     Technicians:
    Here a crediting of up to 4 semesters is possible (examination on request)
  •     Master craftsmen and business administrators:
    Here a crediting of up to 3 semesters plus individual subjects is possible (examination on request)
  •     Studying without a high school diploma:
    Professionally qualified students (i.e. 2 years of training + 3 years of work experience) - here, too, up to 3 semesters can be credited

Students choose from one of the following specialisations according to their interests and educational background:

  •     Electric Mobility
  •     Industrial engineering

Due to its extra-occupational concept, the course is also suitable for employees without a high school diploma from all technical and information technology fields of education.

course content

1. Semester  
Basics Business Administration  
Physical Basics for Engineers  
Technical Mechanics  
Foreign Language Course  
2. Semester  
Mathematical Basics for Engineers  
Basics Electrical Engineering  
Compulsory Elective: Basics of Informatics or Technical Mechanics*  
Accounting/ Controlling  
3. Semester  
Engineering Mathematics  
Business Law / Taxes  
Specialising Course Technical Mechanics  
Academic Work  
4. Semester  
Financing and Investment  
Project and Process Management  
Personnel Management and Labour Law  
Digital Technology  
5./6. Semester  
Practical Semester 1 and 2 (Crediting possible)  


Subsequently, students choose between the two specialisations Industrial Engineering and Electromobility, in which they deal with topics specific to their area of choice until the end of their studies.

Voluntary preparatory courses are offered for Mathematics, which we strongly recommend as preparation for your studies. You are not sure whether you need the preparatory course? Take the self-test! Here you will find exercises and solutions, on whose level the content of the course builds.


Admission requirements

The admission requirements for the technology management course can be fulfilled in different ways.

  •     Abitur or vocational baccalaureate
  •     Master craftsmen, technicians, business administrators (some subjects/semesters may be credited; examination on request)
  •     Qualified professionals, i.e. 2 years of training + 3 years of work experience (in the technical or information technology field)

If additional qualifications (specific further education and training) can be proven, these may also be recognised in individual cases (examination on application).

Application Bachelor Technology Management

Applications are accepted all year round. The application deadline for the start in March 2021 is 15 January 2021. If you are still interested in studying after the deadline, Corina Welsch will be happy to inform you about available places.

For technicians, it is possible to start in September. The application deadline for September is 15 July 2021 - just ask!

Application procedure

Apply online via the Primuss application portal of the University of Applied Sciences for part-time degree programmes with the following documents:

  •     Tabular curriculum vitae (signed) with passport photo
  •     Copy of the university entrance qualification (official certification is only required upon matriculation)
    •     Abitur: Abitur certificate
    •     Vocational qualification: Training certificate
    •     Other financial statements: Certificate of the technician, master craftsman, specialist examination
  •     With professional qualification:
    •     Proof of professional experience (employer's confirmation or job reference)
  •     Letter of motivation (optional)

We will contact you immediately after we have checked your documents.