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Institute for Compliance.

The International Institute for Compliance is the first institute to deal with the core issues of the "Principles of Proper Corporate Governance and Supervision (GoU/GoÜ)". The Institute supports companies and organizations or their executives in top management in maintaining an overview of the complex requirements of numerous "interested parties", integrating them into the activities of management and supervisory bodies and thereby fulfilling legal responsibility and public expectations.

Help companies and executives do the right thing right

The institute has three pillars: Science, practice and further education and also has an extensive network of governance and compliance officers. It is a cooperation partner in the auditing and certification of companies on the basis of pragmatically oriented standards and in the training of compliance officers.

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology with this Institute has been the first university in the German-speaking area to deal with governance, risk and compliance management (GRC) as a competence centre beyond the university/individual chairs.

Governance, risk and compliance also in our Business Administration programme:

  • Corporate Law and Governance
  • Labour Law and Business Continuity Management
  • Compliance in Purchasing
  • Main focus of studies: banking, finance and risk management
  • Integrative business management and risk management
  • risk management
  • Risk management and application software for controlling and accounting
  • Bank and financial management and risk management
  • Banking and risk management
  • Financial industry and risk management and insurance

The accredited Master's programme in Risk and Compliance Management designed and initiated by Prof. Dr. Scherer has been established since 2009.

The Institute pursues an interdisciplinary and integrated approach: the disciplines of law, business administration, economics, psychology and sociology are to be taken into account in the regular subjects of study.

In addition, a solution was developed to eliminate the redundancies of the numerous "management system islands" that exist in practice (quality, occupational safety, environmental, IT security, risk, compliance, etc.). - Management System) and to map them in a single GRC system.

  •     Research on the "recognised state of the art of science and practice" in relation to the (inter-) national definitions of (corporate) governance in terms of interaction between bodies and principles of good corporate governance and supervision.
  •     Research into the legal classification of standards, technology clauses ("recognised rules of technology" / "state of the art" / etc.) and requirements for dutiful corporate management and supervision as well as directors' liability.
  •     Development of the compliance-oriented governance/management approach
  •     Research into the architecture of an interdisciplinary and integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management system for solving the problem of "isolated solutions" for various "management systems
  •     (quality management system, occupational safety, environmental, IT security, risk management system, compliance management system, business continuity management system ....)
  •     Research into an integrated approach to resolving redundancies within the framework of internal and external corporate monitoring
  •     Research into a solution to meet the requirements of an integrated QM, risk & compliance solution through the new ISO 9001 (2015) quality management system.
  •     Research into the relationship between governance, (GoU and GoÜ) breach of duty, compliance and directors' and officers' liability
  •     Investigation of the thesis "Compliance masters the classical business administration".
  •     Research into the requirements of technical governance
  •     Research into the requirements of healthcare governance
  •     Value contribution measurement of GRC as a function of degree of maturity
  •     Compliance with the general requirements for an integrated GRC system in terms of fulfilment of obligations, value contribution, maturity and sustainability (Podehl)
  •     Brühwiler: Head of the ISO 31 000 audit working group (risk management system)
  •     Romeike: Bandwidth simulation as part of the risk management system



Head: Prof. Dr. jur. Josef Scherer