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STEM in the Region.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

What makes STEM interesting - Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technology (abbreviated to MINT in German)?
We are all curious about the world. And we find STEM everywhere: in mobile phone displays, in the generation of light, in the construction of sustainable houses, in environmental protection, in medicine, on the internet... How does the world around us work and how can we shape it?

With its various projects, the STEM team aims to inspire young people with technology and science. Well trained, they are the capital of our society, and qualified specialists ensure that a country is competitive and innovative.

All about STEM in the region: Our projects are supported by:

- Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts
- European Social Fund of the European Union


  •     Bionics school visits
  •     Parent-teacher consultation
  •     Women researchers camp
  •     Early study
  •     Girls' Day
  •     Girls'Day academy
  •     Computer Science school visits
  •     Children's university
  •     Teacher trainings
  •     Girls for technology camp
  •     STEM contributions to parents' evenings at schools
  •     STEM region Lower Bavaria
  •     Students at the DIT
  •     School classes visit DIT
  •     School visits role model
  •     TastING
  •     Technology camps in the school holidays
  •     Company visits
  •     Scientific-Technical Advanced Level


MINT at the job fair Deggendorf 2018

Vorlesetag "Natur und Umwelt" RS Landau

STEM region Deggendorf +



The association "TfK - Technik für Kinder e. V." implements projects that enable children to discover the exciting world of technology in a playful way by doing it themselves.
This is where training companies from the region present themselves: TfK - azubi-goes-technik

The association "Initiative Junger Forscherinnen und Forscher e. V." (Initiative of Young Researchers) is committed to promoting young talent in the MINT field. With school visits, teacher training and an extensive range of experiments, the association aims to spark interest in the natural sciences and technology.

The MINT Navigator is used to search for MINT offers, throughout Germany or in the region. The initiative "Creating the Future of MINT" offers the various individual MINT initiatives a platform to better reach interested parties.

Nationaler Pakt für Frauen in MINT-Berufen: mit eigener Komm mach MINT - Facebookgruppe.

Cybermentor is an internet-based mentoring program for schoolgirls aged 12 and over.

The Wissenswerkstatt Passau offers children and young people the opportunity to experience natural sciences and technology up close and try them out directly.

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