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Are you curious and are at least 8 years old? Then you've come to the right place: Every school year we have exciting topics in the children's uni. You can find them under  "Programme". Have fun browsing. We look forward to seeing you!

Registration is not necessary. Accompanying persons may attend the events, provided there is room in the lecture hall. Free parking is available for the Children's University in Deggendorf in the multi-storey car park between Dieter-Görlitz-Platz and Stichstraße in the direction of the wheel house and in Pfarrkirchen directly on the European Campus.

Those who wish to do so will receive a student card on site when they first visit the children's uni. On this card you can collect our children's uni stickers at every further event. If you have collected six, you will receive a certificate from the children's uni.




Girls' Day is a nationalwide day of action where all school girls have the chance to investigate and find out more about STEM areas where females are generally under represented. An extensive special programme enables girls to become active themselves and arouses interest for research and curiosity about scientific and technical topics. Girls'Day is a nationwide project of the Technology, Diversity, Equal Opportunities Competence Centre.

The next Girls'Day will be on 26.03.2020

Images of Girls'Day 2018

About 150 students from local schools participated in Girls'Day 2018. Professors, laboratory engineers, study assistants and foremen prepared a very varied programme. The school girls found the "hands-on technology" and practical exercises particularly interesting. The Girls'Day at TC Teisnach took place parallel to this.


Boys’Day is a nationalwide day of action where all school boys from the 5th to the 10th year have the opportunity to find out about occupations and opportunities beyond the classic male domains, such as healthcare, nursing or social areas. An extensive practical programme at DIT enables boys to become active themselves and arouses interest in these areas of potential study and work. Boys’Day is a campaign of the nationwide network and specialist portal for career choice and life planning for boys.

Girls'Day Academy

Girls from the 7th to 10th grades can spend a whole or half a day at DIT as part of a Girls’Day Academy. We provide exciting lectures, lab tours and practical Groups of girls from 7th to 10th grades can spend a whole or half a day at THD as part of a Girls’Day Academy at their school. We offer exciting lectures, laboratory visits and experiments. experiments.


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Bionic School Visits

Bionikteam 2018Why can a gecko run straight up a wall or how does the lotus flower manage to keep dirt at bay?

During Bionic school visits, DIT students introduce school pupils from years 5 to 7 to the topic of Bionics and show them in practical lessons and experiments how we can learn from the power and genius of the natural world for human use.

We have continual school visits about the topic of Bionics throughout the whole year.




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Computer Science School Visits

During Computer Science school visits, DIT students introduce secondary school pupils to the topic of Computer Science through programming lego robots and organizing a workshop for the programming of apps for mobile devices. In addition to this, we organize workshops for younger children where they programme small electric circuit boards that then light up. Our team arrive fully equipped and these workshops are for free.


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Individual Class Visits to DIT

Introductory excursion session:

In our excursion programe, school classes visit our campus and receive a short presentation of the university combined with a tour of the campus including a discovery tour of labs and workshops. The whole excursion takes approx. 2 hrs. for a maximum of 100 pupils.

Workshop session:

In the workshops, pupils in small groups can intensivaly develop their understanding of a particular chosen topic. Workshop sessions take 2-6 hours depending on the topic involved. Lunch is in the mensa and campus canteen. The maximum participation is 100 pupils


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Students Inform School Pupils

As part of our school support programme,  students visit schools and provide school children with age-appropriate information about study and career orientation:

  • They report about their own experience on their degree course
  • They advise about the application process
  • They help in with guidance
  • They support with any work experience

Our students give lectures and take part in school information fairs.

Project Papers

At DIT, we have a scientific and technical sixth form supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education. This means that chosen school pupils from a local grammar school who are in year 11 and 12 can parcipate in English lessons and write a project (or term) paper in cooperation with our university. A subject can be picked from our degree courses, lectures attended, then a project paper must be written which is then graded at school. The grade achieved will be added to the final schools exam results and the appropiate ETCS credits are awarded, to be transferred onto a degree course as pupils become students.

Teacher Training

Our STEM team train interested school teachers in areas of Technology and Natural Science. Please contact us if you are interested.


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Project and Scientific Seminars

Project seminars and scientific seminars are a complusory part of the upper sixth form in Bavarian grammar schools, designed to help advanced school pupils in grades 11  and 12 decide the direction they want to go when leaving school to study, start an apprenticeship or get a job. Throughout theses seminars, they can familiarize themselves with degree courses and professional fields in the fields of technology, business and health. This requires prior consultation with the school and available time and personnel resources at the DIT.

School Cooperations

We work tirelessly with schools throughout the region and further afield.  Joint actions include, but are not limited to: a regular exchange, information events, teacher training sessions and specialist projects. The basis for the continuous cooperation is a great commitment on the part of the schools and our university.

STEM Network

What makes STEM so interesting - Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences, Technology (abbreviated to MINT in German)?
We are all curious about the world. And we find STEM everywhere: in mobile phone displays, in the generation of light, in the construction of sustainable houses, in environmental protection, in medicine, on the internet... How does the world around us work and how can we shape it?

With various projects, the STEM/MINT team aims to inspire young people for technology and science.
Our commitment to the young STEM generation of is currently supported by:

- Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Art
- European Social Fund of the European Union


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STEM Newsletter

The Central Student Advisory Service and DIT's STEM team regularly publish a newsletter with current information & interesting facts for schools.
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