The course trains care assistants to gain differentiated understanding of care-related problems on the basis of reference disciplines. It also teaches process-oriented work and transparent presentation in relation to care work. 

You will learn responsible and competent care work, therefore you will be able to care for nursing cases and their social environments. Additionally, the aquirement of methodical and social skills will enable you to scientifically design and control and developing processes. Soft skills will help your decision making in complex and confusing situations as well as in possible ethical dilemmas.

Areas of professional work:

  • In-patient, day-patient and out-patient care facilities, hospitals, clinics, rehab facilities, nursing homes, etc.
  • Health insurance companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Care-work-related institutions, data collection and empirical studies
  • Advise for and supervision of other care workers, voluntary helpers, family members of nursing cases